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Very specific cream used in almost all premium liquids


cheers Karebear, thanks for the info, very helpful…good luck on your journey into the abyss…


heh “Abyss” sounds more like there’s Fire and Brimstone at the bottom … We say “Rabbit Hole” because there’s fluffy bunnies and hallucinogenic mushrooms at the bottom :crazy_face:


Cost effective, lol. I had to google PPM to percentage just to try to understand what that would mean to me. I’m glad you’re good with this. If I ever need to use this stuff can I come to you for help?


Brofessor? Looks like you’re the one that just brought that which we seek. Big thanks!


Image result for takes a bow gifStill can’t figure it out but glad I could be of service…


and B00M another secret reveals …Vanillin

No sure but this thread just surfaced (bumped) and it’s like reading it for the first time …at least from this threads perspective …a flavor that cannot be easily detected but adds that certain something. Also meets the “profit margin” motive of Commercial Juice making …it’s cheap. Thanks @DarthVapor and @Chewy


Just saw it and it’s been love at first sight, naturally bookmarked it. thank you for sharing!!


I’m glad it’s helping. We all really have karebear to thank for writing this all out for us.


Brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to write that out. Now, how to apply it.