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VG Based Concentrates


Does anyone know of VG based consentrates other than RF & OOO?


Are you looking to mix Max VG or PG-free? Or, do you want VG-based concentrates for another reason?

There aren’t many out there that are VG-based like the older RF line. Even OOO seems to have stopped making theirs. They have 6 or 7 non tobacco flavors and about 10 tobacco flavors left in VG on their site.

If you just need flavors that are PG-Free, my go-to brands are RF(VG & SC) NF and MF. There are a few sprinkled in with other major brands that mostly make PG based flavors, like Whipped Cream FW, Cream Cheese Icing LA, Sweet Tangerine CAP, Cola CAP, Organic Watermellon TPA, and some others, but they’re hard to find because of the prominence of PG flavors in their lines.

Check out my stash for some ideas and ask if you want to know about any of them. I’ve been a slacker on leaving notes. These are all PG-free flavors, except for the Bacon. That one is PG.

Here are good places to hunt:

Nature’s Flavors are all Cane Alcohol based, no VG no PG

RF VG (AKA Northwest Flavors)


MF (AKA Lotus Flavors)

Random stuff

Not sure about Canada vendors, but these should all be able to ship to you, unless our President messed that up too!



Cool thanks. Looking for VG because I have a theory that they may hold up better against benzoic acid, and last longer without fading.


Based on?

Nic salts uses Benzioc acid (Nicotine Benzoate) or Salicylic acid (Nicotine Salicylate) (pretty sure Nicotine Salicylate is Salicylic acid) . I have used both Nicotine Benzoate and Nicotine Salicylate the only thing I did notice was that the Nicotine Salicylate had a slightly more neutral taste.

All flavours I have used with either have held up so I am curious what you mean and how you arrived at the conclusion (or theory)


First thing I did in DIY (5mo ago) was order a 5ml of every banana consentrate. RF had twice the flavour out of all. I didn’t mean to buy a VG or mix it (did all at once) tried it last cause wasn’t expecting much (3.5weeks). Surprised.


Do they both turn PG dark orange?


No. Neither are crystal clear they do have a slight yellowish tint but neither wil turn pg orange in my experience.


Might just be that RF happens to have the most intense flavour of the lot? Or that you got the % spot on for this one? but not for the others. Have you checked out the flavour notes on this forum, and on the “other side”? The manufacturer’s guides are not very reliable at all . No substitute for experience.

Btw, are you sure that you were using the VG-based RF? Most stockists have switched to RF Super Concentrate , nowadays. However, with a couple of odd exceptions, the RFSC are also PG-free, which seems to be the point of the exercise. As @Plunderdrum pointed out, there are a few PG-free brands that have no VG in them either, no need to limit yourself to VG-based.

I very much doubt that you tried all the banana flavours. If you want a great-tasting and very natural Banana, MF is just perfect (as usual) . Very pricy , but worth it (and you only need a tiny amount) . Again , it isn’t VG-based, but it is PG-free.

Finally, just a teeny spelling quibble: could you (or a mod) ,correct the spelling of “concentrate” in the title? I’m not normally a spelling nazi, but in the case of thread titles, it very much helps with the search function if things are spelled correctly. Thanks :slight_smile:


RF has a fantastic Banana! This could simply be a case of the best (for your palate) Banana won the shootout. I haven’t tried the VG version, but I’d bet the SC version would hold up much the same. It is a great flavor, and both are composed of the same flavor, just with different bases. Have you noticed any other VG flavors “holding up better” than others?


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On a 15W Sourin Air @ PG35/65VG I tried all the bananas that Fusion Flavours had plus some banana creams and mixed them just under the maximum suggestion. RF VG Banana 10% (currently steeping one at 12%) i mixed FW, CAP & TFA 15%. FA, INW, 3%. LOR BC, VTA BCustard, TFA BC & BF, LB B, OOO B. All with 1%. SS.
I have not yet tried RF SC Banana, FLV banana, TFA banana bread, or INW banana shisha but I just ordered those on Monday.
Yeah maybe RF VG is just a better banana, but twice as flavorful? I have tried RF SC blue raz & Mango I thought they tasted aspertane-y, hopefully it’s just the SC line. I haven’t tried any of the PDO line.
I’m not avoiding PG personally but this thread might be useful to someone who is.


Your diligence is admirable! Be aware, though, that the manufacturer suggested percentage range can be misleading. As can be the suggestions on the ELR Flavor Pages. On an RDA/RTA, I love Creme Brulee RFVG at 2-3% and couldn’t imagine going with 8-10%. I really need to try that out, though. But 4% steeps too thick, last I checked. Yogurt Parfait RFVG is killer at 3%, 1 month steeped. Haven’t had time to do more than that test, though. Just got that one in. The granola note is very good at 3%, with a light berry and cream layered in.

If you keep up being so diligent with your testing, as I can assume you will, you’ll probably check out %s beyond and below the MSPR. Those other Bananas might shine and topple the Top Banana!


Yeah I must add that after disappointing results, I started combining 2 at a time and got better results. In retrospect 15% was to high but combined brought each down to 7.5% & 7.5%. Still wasn’t as good as the RFVG which I left as is. I’m currently steeping a 10% TFA BC, 2.5% FA BANO, 1% SS.
I’ve also ordered a bunch more RFVG including banana split and banana bread which I’ll mix with banana and Creme Brulee :blush:


Don’t think I saw it above, But if you can find it, Real Flavors, Black Label, Banana Cream Pie IMHO is wonderful. That and the Black Label French Toast are all I will buy from RF again sense they reformulated their marketing priorities.


That black label French toast is killer, probably the best single flavor vape I’ve ever had, I have made recipes with it but usually vape it solo or with a touch of added cinnamon. @802Snowyowl you should try banana from flavor revolution, it’s only available from nicotine river but it’s gotten stellar reviews, check out the flavor revolution thread, it’s mentioned in the first several posts