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VG based flavors


I’m trying to switch to VG based flavors due to I’ve discovered to be PG sensitive.
Anyone has suggestions on which flavor brands should I try and possibly where to find them in EU? I see RealFlavors has a VG concentrates line, but having problems to find a reseller on this side of the pond.

P.S: I’m also trying to sell my remaining PG based flavors: Selling all my PG based flavors

Thanks in advance for help.


Good luck on your PG-free journey!


Real Flavours are phasing out the VG-based range in favour of their Super Concentrates. But , never fear, the RF SC range are also PG-free! You can buy pretty much the full range at a very good price, at Rainbow Vapes in the UK

You can also buy most the Medicine Flower extracts from UK/ EU sources. Listings inc this thread.

They’re not VG-based either, being pure extracts, but they are certainly PG-free. You’ll miss all sorts of goodies by limiting your searches to “VG-based” !

As you might have guessed , I’m a PG-sensitive vaper myself, living in the UK. I’ve been researching where to get suitable concentrates and stuff for freakiing years! It’s always nice to get the chance to make it easier for somebody else!

@Plunderdrum 's wife is PG-sensitive. You have to watch that guy! He has a heart of gold, but he sometimes mixes juice just for himself.

Welcome to the PG-free fold!


This is nice, I like the idea of SC. But I can’t see anywhere written what they are based on. No PG, no VG. What then? Water, alcohol?
Do you have some link where I can get more information?

Thanks for the advice.


Never mind, found on their web site:
VG Based, and Super Concentrates are the same flavor but do differ in the concentration amounts and the base. Super Concentrates tend to be 4 - 8 times stronger than their VG counterparts. VG based flavors are alcohol-free and the only base is VG. Super Concentrates are alcohol based (up to 3%).


I guess then, with alcohol based flavors, once mixed they need to be left opened for at least 24 hours to let the alcohol to evaporate.
Am I right?


Opinions differ about that Personally. I 've never troubled with evaporating off any acohol . You’ll likely find @Walt_RealFlavors to be a mine of Information re any questions you might have about them .
He makes frequent appearances in this thread :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, you are opening me a new hope, other than quit vaping (after I quit smoking) :smile:

This community is awesome :sunglasses:


Same here. There is a little space left in the bottle when you mix. If anything needed to gas off, it has as place to go. None of the SC taste of alcohol to me even without steeping. Opinions do vary on this, but I’ve never had an issue. There is one school of thought that says leaving your mixes open to breath may actually let too many volitiles escape and diminish flavor. I just shake it up well and toss it in the steep drawer.


I’ve never left mine open to breathe and have not experienced any alcohol or sharp flavors. I would recommend not breathing them, unless you try it first and notice an off taste. There might be the odd one that needs to breathe a bit, but it’s very rare. And if you do breathe a mix, 6-12 hours is plenty of time.

They do have some good flavors.