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VG vs VG does it really matter whose


@hoob that’s what I use I don’t add any water though… What does that do? I’ve never had a problem with it right out of the bottle


Good morning! I will get a replacement sent out ASAP today. What was your last order number?


They are not responding to me and I have tried to contact them via e-mail 3 times today. You guys are my life line to vaping… I’m not playing around or exaggerating this problem. This is a very serious thing.

I’m really concerned because I cannot be the only person to have gotten VG or Nic from these batches. What I’m wondering is if they are just taking orders and then having a chemical company fulfill the orders? I just cant see a vendor affiliated with this site knowingly mailing me this stuff.


I sent the e-mail to you via your servers from your order fulfillment. With all due respect to you and the vaping family…let’s take this offline of this forum so it doesn’t cause either of us problems with the folks here. Peace and Hugs in Vaping :slight_smile:


Humans make mistakes. If they are willing to investigate the problem and replace the product, this reassures me I want to keep doing business with people/company’s like them.
Sorry you had this issue and glad you caught it before using. I’d bet you’ll get replacement ASAP.


I want everyone here to understand I don’t believe Grant or Nicotine River as a company did anything wrong. What I think is going on is that this batch is bad, whoever fulfilled the order for them did something wrong.

I know based on everything I have read about them here from you guys it was beyond their control. I trust you folks very much. I am not blaming them at all.

I did have to order from Essential Depot right away because I was running out of VG and I had to order Nicotine from ECX… it couldn’t wait :slight_smile:


I don’t disagree with you at all. I do not believe Nicotine River is to blame but I had to order new stuff.


I agree with you. I’m just glad to see they care and not blaming you or heat from shipping or calling you a lair. NR is definitely growing on me and will get more orders from me.
Shipping price suck though.


This is a good company. I believe very strongly this was beyond their control.


The only time I ever noticed a difference in the flavor of VG is the stuff from a retail store that is pretty cheap. I felt it left an odd aftertaste when I used a little of it. Needless to say I don’t use it. I have two scources for VG Essential Depot and Nic River. Both are beyond fantastic, a friend of mine gave me about 250 ml of the Nic River VG and I couldn’t tell the difference between it and the ED stuff. I have a gallon on the way as we speak


I recently got a batch of vg from a different source and it ruined about 200 mls of a couple staples in my rotation . Thought it was just me but my gf even said they tasted weird .


Where did you get it from?


Nicotine River responded to you on here [ELR]
You should have called the phone number and spoken to them STRAIGHT at the very earliest time.
They do NOT dis people, and your [problem] would have been resolved by them faster than you could have typed everything you did…giving them time [office hours] to be responsive.

"I want everyone here to understand I don’t believe Grant or Nicotine River as a company did anything wrong. "
You sure didn’t give Grant @Nicotine_River much of a chance , before you got knotted up, be honest.

Please, go back and re-read what you said…or…maybe not. Who the hell am I to step into your dilemma?
Expecting any…ANY company to respond to an e-mail in less than 24-48hrs is ______ Why didn’t you just call during business hours?
Nicotine River did not force you to order from elsewhere.
YOU never even gave them a chance.


@Adam157 I find if I don’t thin it out a bit it can feel a bit heavy on my chest and in temp controll the coils seem to hit the maximum temp to soon if I don’t add distilled water .
Iv read people add around 10% to their mix but I found that to make it to runny for me I normally add around 4% maximum


I thought she was quite respectful. Don’t think she needs to be reprimanded. If I put myself in her shoes I’m probably going to order elsewhere too if nothing but a small amount to get me by until they fix the issue. Reminds me of my last visit to outback steakhouse. I should’ve ordered the prime rib like normal but no, I ordered a sirloin. It came back so rare I think it was still breathing. I sent it back. Rather than apply some more heat, they simply got another sirloin and cooked it the same way. Then when I sent that back they either put it back on the grill or took another steak and made it well done. I ended up eating a hamburger. Point is sometimes it’s better to go somewhere else to get what you need than to be loyal and go without till the problem is fixed.


Grant and I have resolved the issue, he made it right as I knew he would.

I guess I don’t understand why you are attacking me and it’s not fair to me. The input of issues with various companies is part of the purpose of this forum. We are supposed to help each other. It may be of your opinion others did not need to know what I experienced but other people are going to want to know what happened to me and they have a right to know.

I will thank you sir to please stop further aggravating the issue.


Yeah, no worries, eh?
Sorry to have me own opinion, and in front of you too.



@Maureeenie you are absolutely right i posted this question to get others opinion , however it was regarding VG not nic with that being said i think there was a misunderstanding between @ozo and you so lets all just keep vaping and helping each other i appreciate all comments regarding my question i just received my VG from @Nicotine_River today and will be trying it soon


I’m sure your’s is fine. Let me clarify though, the Nicotine base I ordered was 36MG 100% VG. It was VG with Nicotine added. The VG I ordered from them also smelled of a petroleum distillate. (Both bottles)

I was talking about VG.