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VG vs VG does it really matter whose


@Maureeenie im happy that you got everything taken care of


They are a great company. I will be ordering my next batch of flavorings from them! I just really do like Essential Depot’s VG. Nicotine River was much better priced and y’all were raving about them so I wanted to try them out.


Would only ever use 100% VG extracted from rapeseed. Any VG that is just ‘Glycerol’ is not 100% VG, tried it before and can taste the difference… Glycerol extracted from Tallow and/or petroleum sources just doesnt taste as ‘clean’ to me although on a molecular level they have the exact same structure.


Where could a person like me get my hands on this suggested VG lol?


Personally i love @Nicotine_River VG and Their Nicotine! Hands down the best of the best! I’ve ripped through 500ml in just around a month lol. Great Stuff!


They are a great company. The truth is…you really don’t know how good a company is until something goes wrong and they fixed it fast.Because this happened I started asking Essential Depot some questions. Here’s what she said:

Good morning,

We absolutely do not bottle any petroleum based products in any of our warehouses. Essential Depot only sells the highest grade of Vegetable Glycerin on the market.

The product you are referring to is Palm based.

I’m just passing this along.


I appreciate that my friend!


@Nicotine_River great idea bottling the Fa flavors at 30ml when are you doing that to all lol but seriously great service since ive switched from ECX to your company


Just started doing Flavor West today in 30ml. We will inevitably offer that size for all flavor companies shortly just need catch up. What flavor company should we do next?


because of the price difference id go with capella before tfa i know a couple of people tht would jump on board with you guys if they didnt have to buy the 60ml for two reasons 60ml of flavor is alot of flavoring if your not doing bulk batches and second reason is price offering the 30 ml obviously people on a budget could get a few more flavors , heres what i would do lets say you sell 60ml at 10 dollars i would offer the 30 ml at 6 dollars dont cut it in half that will give the people buying the 60ml a price break for buying volume but still give them a choice to buy a little less 30ml is the perfect mount for diy that amout of juice lasts along time , thank you for asking my opinion that means alot


Not a problem my friend and I agree with you. Capella is next and it is scheduled to being production on next Monday, Thank you very much for everything!


@Nicotine_River since i have your attention , does the new cereal 27 flavor by cap have fruit notes in it or is it a corn flake flavor ???


I would say TFA nxt for 30mls. And also request that you carry INW and Real Flavors also. Then I could have 1 stop shopping :smiley:

Thanks for asking for our input!


I wrote a big piece about bases in my magazine. The quality of the VG really does matter in the overall flavor through my research. Some companies sold VG that would make my recipes taste weak, lose its legs after some time, and just impart a softer tone on my juice. Other companies sold VG that would change the overall taste of some recipes, adding somewhat of a “greasy” flavor. Essential Depot being the worst in my opinion. I’m not sure what causes fluctuations in quality. I’m not sure if the VG is processed or cleaned differently from company to company, I would assume most of it is just rebranded. But you definitely want to test your bases before buying gallons of them because quality does fluctuate.


Ill have to check out you article and ty for the response your opinion is valued @Wayne_Walker lol as im typing im laughing bc i just got finished mixing up 30ml of honeydew bubble tea literally just got done shaking it up ty for that as well and regarding the topic ive learned VG does matter at least it isnt to expensive


could you imagine the cost of just adding one flavor line let alone two , on top of that those arent the only ones out there to choose from i think they have done a great job carrying the 5 they have and they are probably gonna see what happens with the fda crap before taking on much more , lol i just realized im answering for them sorry as a business owner myself this is what i would be thinking about


I second this! Ever since i switched to @Nicotine_River VG, and Nic my mixes have never tasted better!
Flavor, Vapor and longevity of the flavor in the mix has improved substantially, along with Pyure Liquid Stevia (Sweetener) and a good magnetic mix they are the perfect combo to perfection.


I keep reading people say VG matters and this or that brand is better. But let’s say I am brand-new to mixing. What would you tell someone who has never mixed before what to look for when choosing VG for their mixing?


that is a tough one to answer since i am the one who asked this question lol, but heres what i did when i first started mixing i bought the diy beginers kit from liquid barn its a great kit and they sell nicselect they offer 10 flavors and alot of plastic labware the VG is good as well , although they are a bit more expensive to buy things individually it was a great kit and for roughly 80 dollars after shipping and elr discount its a great kit to start with then research and research trial and error is a big part in mixing , i jumped in with both feet i ordered from Capella direct which is more expensive than say @Nicotine_River or ECX i also ordered everything flavors i havent even touched still so thats where i would tell someone to start Liquid Barns DIY beginner kit and before getting flavors figure out if your wanting certain things or want to just mix all kinds of things sorry so long winded


I’ve used Essential Depot for well over a year exclusively and I’ve never had a problem with it. When I nail a mix I usually make a large volume so I won’t have to mix repetitively. These large batches will last for 4-6 months or more and they usually get better with age. I have a Zoochberry Cream that’s over a year old and it’s still great.

As far as comparing VG by vendor… I haven’t done that. Probably because I’m happy with Essential Depot and I’ve never had a problem with it.

I noticed in the majority of your mixes you use common flavors and in some you use EM (known to kill flavors). The culprit could be with your flavor choices and EM.

I’ve only tried a couple of your mixes and they seemed a bit week to me and they didn’t improve with steep. More than likely they just wasn’t compatible with my taste in eliquids… (Flavor subjectivity) because the 2 I tried has a huge following.

Just my opinion.