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Video games, do you play?


PC. Ulitma Online. Yup, I’m one of the original gamers on both MMORPG (Ultima was the first, then came the copy cats) and on the original consoles, kalikovision (pong), plus I was pretty good with the old Tandy back in the day. Spend a couple of days writing code for 5 minutes of fun, back when you had to really work for the fun.
Still play UO, interspersed with a bit of X-box 360. The days of the Tandy TRS-80 are long gone, as well as the kalikovision, if I only had them now they would be worth a small mint, as well as the Atari consoles (both 2600 and the 5200!).
Getting older, but only physically! I will play until I no longer derive enjoyment from it, or have the community of others with like minds and hearts.


Wow there are more games here than I thought!


I remember doing that on my comador 64! Typing for hours and days, then finding out you made a mistake and looking for it!


I remember all the typing on the ZX Spectrum, and as you say trying to find the errors :smile:


Yes, yes, yes. Been there, done that …


Used to be a huge COD fan but hate it since it went futuristic, thankfully I discovered Destiny and played it religiously for a year, just played the Destiny 2 Beta and it looks good, got it on pre order on the xbone :ok_hand:


The only game I play is Cid Myers Civilization. Started on Playstation then went to Civ II then CIV IV, CIV V, Now I got a new computer with windows 10 and it isn’t compatible :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Now I have to get CIV VI and buy the time I talk myself into spending $50 bucks There will be a new version


Loved COD 1,2 and United Offensive
Had loads of friends on TeamSpeak while playing. We were not worried about being the best but just to have
[FuN] (clan tags)
Good times.


I remember typing programs from magazines into the TRS-80. The worst thing was when you had it all entered perfectly, and thought you’d saved it proper to (cassette!) tape. And then you found out it hadn’t saved properly, and you had to do it all over again…

I’m a programmer now, probably because of the early influence of little machines like the TRS-80 (and teletype machines connected to minicomputers- I think my first experience with computing was playing Adventure on an actual paper teletype device connected to, probably, a PDP-10. The parser was primitive, in retrospect, but I was fascinated by it, and spent more time exploring its limits than I did trying to play the game.)


Loved that game. Last time I was able to play was on Windows XP. Just recently found it on Apple and bought it for my Ipad. I played it for a few minutes, controls a bit clunky, but brought back many happy memories and a lot of eye-rolling from my wife when she saw me playing it.


Geez, I remember those. It was the source of all my teenage frustrations…well… not including the school cheerleaders.


Mmmm cheerleaders!


Dude!!!I want it for my Ipad, how do I go about “finding” it?


I burned many thousand hours on a custom ultima online server. Then I moved on to WoW. Ultima was never quite the same after that.


Its in the App Store, search ‘colonization’ or ‘sid meier’. $2.99 plus tax


Waiting for destiny 2 for PS4


I am as well, do you play destiny?


I did for like two years lol!


Maybe when it comes out we can play :+1:


The last expansion kinda threw me off I got it and it felt like a different game to me, I wasn’t leveled up enough to really play it well anyway, unfortunately with everything I do I don’t always get to ply so I wind up lagging behind all of my friends.