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Video games, do you play?


So i’m curious, how many of us play video games online and if you do on what. XBOX ONE, PS4, PC?


No :sunglasses:


Don’t have as much time as I did when I was running a PC gaming clan, but I still game from time to time. ALWAYS on a PC.


Nowadays I only play my PC when I get the time. I wasn’t a huge fan of Division, but I level capped since my friends were playing it. I’m playing Wildlands now and I’m Tier 20, but I think I’m bored with it already since I haven’t touched it in a week, but those are the only shooters I’ve played in a while. I’m thinking about picking up the HTC vive but I want to see what the next hardware update is going to be first. I don’t want to buy the corded version if they come out with a wireless(unless they drop the price)

Hmm. I play a lot of Crusader Kings 2, the randomness is hilarious. I just sort of play what I feel like at the time. I sort of want Petscop to be released as a game, but I doubt that will ever happen.


I play pc games a fair bit – but not really online games. Played some overlord last weekend for nostalgia.


I played Pac Man once at a Pizza place. I think it was around 1978. Pac Man was eaten.


Ugggg, I’m feeling compelled to have a mini rant. I’m fine with folks playing video games. All good. But because so many folks play them, all video cards now come with all kinds of specialized drivers for that activity. I use Wavelab to master audio files and those drivers do not play well with Wavelab. Thankfully it’s not a show stopper. I just can’t use my second screen. Kinda cramps the real estate.


We have all three generations of XBOX and a Wii. I don’t play as much but when I do, its usually the Call of Duty or Assassins Creed games. Never play online though. I like the solitude of playing against the default A.I. Haven’t played a PC game in decades. Can’t afford the startup gear for that.


Anyone play Quake, Quakelive, Quakewars, Doom3, COD WOW ??


I used to play the shit out of COD, I just stopped it started seaming like rehash after rehash.


Haven’t played COD since… .Was it Modern Warfare where you get nuked? I played the ever living hell out of CoD2 and Soldier of Fortune back in the day.


Xbox one for me… when ever I have time which isn’t very much… I used to play COD obsessively but then I grew up lol… I still like to play it but no where near as bad as I was 6 years ago or so


I used to be a hardcore PC gamer. Multi thousand dollar builds and such. Now I just play PS4. Mainly battlefield 1 lately.


Played the stuffing out of Q3, as well as Unreal Tournament back in the day. Then the new breed came in… Did CoD and then CoD2 for quite a while, but never had an ounce of interest in the franchise since they changed formats to cater to the console kiddies.

Was enjoying beta testing Quake Champions until I had to shut off the Internet at the house in June.

The only two I’ve spent any serious time in over the last few years would be CSS, and Rocket League.
Rocket League is far and away the best game I’ve seen released in almost a decade. In many different respects!


Should have ate the pizza instead.



Well played sir!


Well if we can get enough players, I can host a server. Maybe some COD WOW Zombies ???


I haven’t recently, 'cause just too busy with other things, but I started playing shooters with QuakeWorld twenty years ago, and I’m pretty good at them. Most recently I played a fair bit of Team Fortress 2 and… I wasn’t as good as the best players, but as a matter of pure DM I was likely among the best 100 Scouts NA for a while, maybe top 50. And almost certainly the best NA Scout player over the age of 40.

I tried playing some Dota 2 when I had some time on my hands last year, and got to about a 3k rating pretty fast, 'cause duh, but… I think I could get good at the game, but I just don’t have that kind of time anymore, and I’ve lost the drive it takes to be really good at video-games, especially ones the best players make millions at, and train 24/7 for.


That could be fun! I will suck since I don’t have a gaming rig, but i will have fun dying!


I played the hell out of Q3- mainly CPMA after a while. After 9/11 the industry I work in was in shambles, so I pretty much just played Quake (CPMA and QW) for a year while I waited for things to get better… gotta admit, it was kind of fun.

I got to play with czm a couple of times too, mostly in team games. That was cool. He was… honestly he was so much better than me that I could barely scratch him. Played a fair bit of duel with Lantern too, and while he wasn’t quite on czm’s level he was good. It was really cool getting to play with people on that level, and it taught me something about the difference between being good at something and being the best at it.