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Video games, do you play?


It’s all good man! I too kinda gave up on the last expansion as well! Said screw the raid lol! Mainly just did trials and crucible


Let’s definitely play though when it’s out that’ll be fun lol!


I’ve been considering purchasing a game box (xbox or the like…) just have no idea what to get.


Well I have both an Xbox one and a PS4 and I would recommend the PS4, they both have there ups and downs but imo the PS4 is a Beter all around system.


Yes it would be!


I took a summer school class to learn BASIC programing language…does that date me a little?


No, not at all! Just means your as old as dirt, just not older than dirt! :smirk:


At least I’m not wearing nurses uniforms around…LOL! Whats that called? Cross thread-dressing? I crack me up.:rofl:


i think that would make me a thread queen!


Hey @JoJo!! I think that was a request…


:rofl: I know she will do it to! That awesome! I can’t stop laughing!


Of course, I’d vote for it only being temporary… (can’t risk sullying your good name!)


i truly believe the best nick names just happen, you cant just make them up!


I fully agree. BUT, at the same time, I think they should be indicative of the personality, or a “life changing event” level of things… Not a ‘temporary laugh’ :wink:

But that’s just me


overlord was wonderful


true , i have a story about a buddy of mine and his nick name but its not for this thread, its a bit vulgar.


@Sprkslfly think I may have missed the window on this one. LoL.

And on-topic, I am a casual game binger. Mostly PS3. If I’m in the mood and I find something I enjoy playing I will play it till I’m sick of it. Then it may be months before I go back to it and by then I tend to have forgotten how to play the game. I die a lot trying to figure out what all the buttons do again. LoL.


Casual gamer here as well. These days I play a little CS:GO (mostly the add-ons like Hydra etc), Ghost Recon: Wildlands, The Division - I tried getting into Watchdogs_2, but failed a bit - I’ve just started playing Sniper Elite 4 with a colleague :slight_smile: But I don’t play often - No time :confused:
My nephew told me to try Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, which sounds like fun, if you’re into multiplayer online gaming.


I used to be a Call of Duty player too. I was hooked on Modern Warfare 2 and played Search and Destroy religiously. I still play Black Ops 2 every now and then but can only find lobbies for Team Deathmatch … No-one seems to play Search and Destroy on BO2. Lately, I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 a lot. I only play on XBOX 360 and you can probably guess my username … If not just check my handle here. :wink:


I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda glad you missed it!
If I had a PS3 I would definitely hit you up for your gamer tag!