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Video games, do you play?


Dude they are all crooks, between patenting load screen games, and selling game disks that only have a key on them to selling the games in installments with a much higher price than they should have. The game market pisses me off and makes me sick!


Borderlands 3 possibly in the wind.

I still have to get through the Dark Souls 3 DLC, Dragon Age Inquisition, and The Witcher 3.

Then I might buy Horizon Zero Dawn.


This is the only thing I’m excited about!


Dlc is good on one hand but if the assets are already programed within the base game its just a time gated pay wall. “Microtransactions” in a free game I could accept but in a game you’ve already paid for it’s ridiculous. It’s happening way more frequently and that’s because people have shown the companies they will spend the money.


Yep, they started small with dumb stuff and it has gotten worse and worse. I’m waiting on a class action suit against game company’s.


Santa brough my kids an older wii that looks just like one i found on facebook marketplace two months ago and I learned how to mod it :smile: playing classics from my childhood and my kids are loving it too


Doom 4 looks good on Ultra …


Yep, Sign me up !
I am in :raised_hand:


We had a Wii a while back and I introduced my kids to all the classics. Mike Tyson’s Punchout, Castlevania, MegaMan, etc, they got to take it all in.


Nintendo switch, and ps4. Splatoon and Mario cart deluxe, BOTW. Destiny for ps4. Trying to get into warframe.


I’m kicking @Cutlass92 ‘s ass at Super Mario 3 on our new RetroPie!!!


You have to tell @Cutlass92 what the kids these days would say, “git good scrub”


I ony play pc games. Lineage 2, overwatch, destiny 2 and I still play WOW ;p


I paid my WoW sub for a month and am too tired to play World of Chorecraft after work. I think I may have played 1.5 hours in 2 weeks. :neutral_face:


I dont play anything hardcore and only normally play alone. I enjoy doing some myth dungeouns, but yes if i looked at it as i chore I too would unsub lol… good call


This isn’t the daily tip thread, Joel.


Did you all do this or anything??


No but I think we may need to!


Now when I do play, it is usually low level BGs or something. I guess my 110s are geared ok, but guild raiding became a chore when it is hours of trying to kill some bosses. I prefer BGs to raids anytime, but then that can suck and it is hard to get a good group together. I like just having a few laid back players and pugging the rest of a BG group. Or just doing old dungeons and raids alone to get the xmog gear. Fashioncraft is the best. Love my mogs.:joy:


@Lexie3 We haven’t done it yet, but I have World of War Zombies installed on one of my gaming rigs, with dedicated servers ready to go.