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Video games, do you play?


I think we used to play pgr as well. OB Clan


I would have been early 20s so not in school. I’m not sure what Pgr is lol. Might have been an imposter lol I know I changed my tag from Capricasicks a couple of days after that episode of Doctor who aired, maybe someone had the exact same idea.


Gotcha, I was just wondering if the world was that small.


I miss Borderlands, that was my ish.


The first one is gold the second is alright the prequel makes me sad.


OMG!! I am/was a huge Borderlands fan. I loved the Bazillions of guns!!! What a great game series.


First one was epic, second one was excellent, pre sequel was awful. It was a cash grab that Gearbox didn’t even bother making themselves.


Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the second just not as much as the first is good but they changed my class too much. (Siren)


Zer0 was my jam. Squishy but with a ninja build unstoppable. Nothing like taking down Terramorphus or Pyro Pete solo without firing a single shot lol.


Exactly! Freaking exactly, my lilith was awesome with phoenix, everything close to me set ablaze with glory.


I couldn’t imagine why he thought he would have been able to self rez in a sniper lane


sorry for the late bump, I am disabled so its ok, I play ROTMG and age of empires, when i can. sometimes impossible the coffee finished, gtg. ask if u want ROTMG link :slight_smile:


Anyone else play Biome3d

Chrome is the one for this browser game…


Never played that, we’ve been playing a lot of Retropie lately.


Has anyone played any of the Metal gear solid games?


Yes, I love launching animals and people to my base!


Thanks for bringing that up, I think I will play that when I get home from buying another tire!


No problem! I still haven’t finished The phantom pain, mostly because it will be Kojima’s last and I don’t want it to end lol. I still can’t believe they fired him and refused to let him accept awards for his masterpiece. If they continue the series it will be shite without him.


I’m sure there was a lot of tension between him and them, now the whole telling him he can’t accept awards for the game is crap.


It’s too damn bad he doesn’t own the Ip. I lost all respect for Konami after that nonsense and won’t purchase anything from that studio again.