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Video games, do you play?


Anyone know where I can find an original XBOX (V1) DVD drive? It’s a Samsung SDG 605B. I’m trying to give mine away to a coworker with kids but the drive is out. I found one on EBAY but they want $60.00 bucks for it and that’s too much. I modded the console to read a ton of games I copied to DVDRs and it would save them a lot on game purchases.
Worst case, she could buy a used console and I’ll swap out the hard drive I guess.


I’d look for the whole console listed as "for parts or not working. " Sometimes they don’t bother checking what is wrong with them and won’t say but a good seller that knows what they are doing might be willing to tell you what’s what. A lot of times people sell as “for parts” just because they don’t have a power cable.


I’ll check that out. Thanks!


Looks like it is a WD Caviar Blue 500G.


I need the DVD optical drive, but you reminded me that I have a shoe box of 500’s somewhere. Thanks



I don’t see why you couldn’t just use any IDE DVD drive though…


You know you can mod it to put an emulator on it then it wil play anything without the dvd drive, all you have to do is load the software, also have you tried greasing the slides and oiling the spindle motor?


Mine is soft modded and can run ripped cds or retail when the drive was working, but of course it can’t now. I wanted to make it easy for my friend and her family to run the console as she isn’t tech savvy. I did take it apart and cleaned and lubed the drive but it won’t open unless pried and then it won’t close all the way.

Power cable is not standard and if I remember correctly the XBox drives read backwards and a non-XBox drive would require hard modding. Thanks for the link but that was one of only two that I found on EBay. I’ll see if she wants to invest that much into it, but I doubt it.


Yeah it would require soldering and to my knowledge it wouldn’t be able to play Original disc’s, only backups.

Since reading your post I’ve scoured the internet to try and find one and discovered they don’t come near as cheap as the 360 or xbox one drives. The sites dedicated to selling Og xbox parts seem to be out of stock or completely out of business. Ebay seems to be the best option and it seems like sellers are mostly looking for bidding wars since supply is short. If you can get one under $50 that’d be about as good as you can do.

I know you’ve soft modded and probably have a trove of things they could play but I thought I’d throw this out there. The Xbox one is going pretty cheap these days first Gen as low as $150. If they know someone who already has an Xbox one that mainly purchases digital they can share with a little work around. I’ve had mine since launch and own quite a few games, my son got his last year and using the workaround he can play everything I have or buy in the future. We can even play together. I know it’s not the same at all but in the long run it could potentially be much cheaper. If they really want to play the Original xbox games backwards compatibility is also available.


I guess that would be another option as well. Just thought I would give this dust collector a new life. Didn’t know it would be that hard to find a cheap out-dated drive.


Do you have a flea market close by?


World of tanks on the ps4 is fun


This whole town is a flea market LOL. Actually there is but I don’t know if I want to do all that legwork. Swap meets around here are prone to violent outbursts quite often.



My son got PUBG on xbox one and it is quite the adrenaline rush!


I am guilty of being a complete Borderlands 2 nerd!!!


The amount of hours I put into Borderlands 1 and 2 is ridiculous lol.


Try Fortnite Battle Royale, free on XBOX, PS4 and PC.


I’ve heard good things about that one and keep meaning to try it.


I honestly couldn’t imagine how many hours I have in the game either … Especially if you consider the time spent on the 1st one and the Pre-Sequel.