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Video games, do you play?


With any luck the rumors of number 3 are true. It definitely won’t be the same without Mikey Neumann or Anthony Burch though. I’m sure they found some other talented writers but those guys will be missed.


Ps3 any/all Assassins Creed . Currently Black Flag


Just modded a wii for my boys and was playing dying light on pc, murdered soul suspect, life is beautiful,
Got a gaming pc that I built, ps3, wii


I am PS4. Wild_Aces_ 74


I need to get back into that.



Anyone played Horizon Zero Dawn or Nier: Automata? If you have, would you recommend?


I haven’t played either but I was actually just reading about both of them being up for awards in most categories at Game Developers Chpice Awards


For the ones that are into the retro gaming, they might like this one.
Custom build by myself , took me about 3 months because it was a bit time consuming :wink:


Well done!!!


That’s crazy cool! Is it just the one game or does it have different games? Cuz that’d be awesome. If I’m ever rich enough to have a house with a game room, I’m totally commissioning someone to build me something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure that’s some type of emulator, so it should play anything and everything up to a certain generation, I don’t know what was used so I can’t say what generation of hardware it can emulate.


Did you build that cabinet or buy it and stick all the stuff in it?


Did you soft mod it? If so can you recommend a video or set of instructions?


I soft modded my Wii years ago but took it off after learning that any updates would brick the console. Since it isn’t supported anymore, there will be no future updates for the Wii from Nintendo and it’s safe to re-mod. I don’t remember the exact methods I originally used, but these instructions appear to be close to what I remember. Read the comments as they give instructions on what to do if it fails.

Read the comments as they give instructions on what to do if it fails.


I think it was video guy called tech james. Took like 15 min


If anyone is interested in modding their old dust collectors. There are a bunch of resources for almost all older consoles:




I’m most of the way through this process its quite a
Bit more than what TechJames shows but I should have it up playing Resident evil 3 tomorrow.

I think my wife was laughing at me for taking so long. I’ve hit way too many speedbumps and started feeling what my grandfather (rest is soul) must of felt every time he turned on “the damn machine.”


Damn good game. The expansion they just released is great too.
Anyone playing Assassins Creed Origins? I gave up on this series years ago, but this one is pretty amazing. The map alone is jaw dropping. I have never seen something so big in one single game before, it’s crazy. I read somewhere that it takes over 3 hours to simply walk from one side of the map, to the other.

Anyways, highly recommend it. They definitely did it right and it’s what the franchise should of been from the beginning. Beautiful game, exploring the pyramids and all of Egypt :slight_smile:


At the moment it holds 5 Emulators running on a windows PC. I was about to go to Raspberry pie v3 but it still lacks alot when talking of emulating a proper PS2.

Emulators on my Arcade;
MAME - (arcade emulator , the one everyone loves :wink: )
Genesys ( SEGA Mega Drive )
SNES (Super Nintendo)
PS1 (Playstation 1)
PS2 (Playstation 2)