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VOOPOO - Spark Your Life- Product Preview


You totally lost me. LOL…If I were to speculate, you’re saying @Joel is fairly adept at ripping into someone or…? Clue me in.


Joel is what people call a troll, but like any other mythical creature there are good trolls and bad trolls, good witches and bad witches etc. bad trolls attempt to derail threads purely to watch the chaos, or push people’s buttons in ways that are only funny to them…a good troll does similar things but in a way that is funny to most people, basically becoming a form of comic relief when people are getting too serious. Joel could definitely rip into people, but it would be subtle enough to not be insulting, yet hilarious to people who know what’s actually happening. You actually commented on a recipe that he had commented on once, telling Joel he was being bad lol, some dude using tfa sweet and tart at like 10-15% and Joel said omg this is amazing please share more lol the dude had no clue but experienced mixers reading it did.


You wanna be careful. Otherwise you will get a pm.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::cry::birthday::thinking:>>>>:poop::rooster::rooster::rooster::eggplant: (emoji is on point today lol)


Coincendemrly thr neva rerspondid


Funny that they singled you out w/ the email, wonder if @Iummy or @TorturedZen received any by simply asking health concerning questions regarding the materials used in their coils? Perhaps they may send them when they actually know something important regarding their own products and not just the appearance


Oddly enough that was the first time in three years being a member of elr that I received a negative pm. (Well maybe there was one other…but maybe it was a troll pm). Of course if I’ve ever offended anyone I am truely sorry.


I didnt have the pleasure to receive anything yet, but after reading the message they sent to Chrispdx i am encouraged to follow his footsteps :smiley:


They will do all they can to convince you all is good. Standard marketing policy. Ignore negative feedback and shout the same old story all the time. A lot of people will fall for it


All that pm does is confirm what a bunch of asshats they are lol, they ignore customer questions or tell them the answer is a trade secret, but respond in length when you say something bad about them lol that’s how it works stupid, when you act like a turd of a company people tend to call you a turd…


I remember that one. I LOL’d. A man after my own heart!


Sadly I have not rec’d any PM’s from them. :smirk:


The Comparison between VOOPOO Rex kit and VOOPOO Mojo kit

Last week, VOOPOO released the new product: Voopoo Rex kit. With fast firing speed, powerful output of single battery and pop contrast color, Rex brings you into the world of arts and vaping.

Here, I would like to compare Rex kit and Mojo kit for you to know more about Rex kit.

At first, let’s have a look at the similarities of them.

  1. Both tiny and exquisite (Comfortable Grip):

  1. Both equipped with UFORCE Tank( The King of Flavor), giving you the strong and smooth flavor.

  2. Both support the USB connector.

Now it’s time for their differences :

  1. Different GENE. Chips:

Mojo Kit is equipped with the upgraded GENE.FAN Chip while Rex kit, the Innovative GENE.FIT Chip (Fit Mode).

  1. Different Set ups of Battery

Mojo Kit is the build-in battery vape kit and Rex kit is the single battery one.

  1. Mojo kit has the reset key at the bottom.

  1. Specifications:

Mojo Kit:

Voopoo REX:

Actually, only by experiencing Mojo kit and Rex on your own can you figure out the differences between them like vaping taste and…


Awesome products!


there are no “brownie points” here


[VOOPOO Game Time] :gift::gift:

Let’s play jigsaw puzzle! How long will you spend to restore the original picture? ⠀


Enter :point_down: :point_down::

Don’t forget to post your screenshot to prove the time you spend on it when you finish it!
Let’s see who use the minimum time!



Did I win?


Vote for your favorite color of Rex kit!

There’re 7 color choices for the latest Rex 80W kit, which color is your favorite?
Vote below the comment.


7 colors of VooPoop on the wall, 7 colors of VooPoop.
Take all down and kick them around, we dont want your VooPoop on our wall.


【Newbie Vaper Tips】RDA, RTA, What’s the difference between them?

Just like shopping for a proper pair of shoes for a special occasion, there is also need for you to know how to choose a proper tank to satisfy your vaping experience.

After evolving for many years, VOOPOO has designed mickle of tanks, including Uforce series, Rune RDA, Pericles RDA, Rimfire RTA etc. Do you actually know the difference between RDA & RTA? Let’s find out.

What is an RDA?


RDA ( R ebuildable D ripping A tomizer) — an RBA with a deck with posts to anchor the coils and provide the electrical connections to the battery (mod) that heats the coils. The deck is covered with a cap (an outer shell) that screws on with threading or slides on with o-rings. RDAs have no tank section to hold e-liquid. They’re designed for e-liquid to be dripped from a bottle, drop by drop, directly onto the coils and/or wicks (usually after removing the cap, which is then replaced after dripping). Sometimes the decks have a well under the coils that holds a small amount of e-liquid, usually less than 1ml.

A commonly held opinion in the vaping community is that RDAs as a class produce purer and more intense flavor than any other method of vaporizing. Thus, RDAs represent the gold standard against which all other types of atomizers are measured.

(Pericles RDA)

What is an RTA?


RTA ( R ebuildable T ank A tomizer) — a rebuildable atomizer (RBA) with a deck that has posts and is covered by a sealed metal chamber cap, around which is a tank reservoir for holding e-liquid. The chamber cap connects to a chimney that directs vapor to the drip tip. Gravity and pressure automatically force e-liquid in the tank down around the chamber cap and then up through slots or channels on the outer circumference of the deck. The wick ends are placed in these channels. As e-liquid saturates the wick, it is delivered to the coils to be vaporized.

The difference between an RDA and an RTA is the tank. There’s no manual dripping with an RTA.

(Rimfire RTA)

All in all, all the innovative structures aim at bringing better vaping experience to you. which one is your wish to get?