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VOOPOO - Spark Your Life- Product Preview


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Comparison between Drag 2 & Drag Mini


The package of Voopoo Drag 2 Kit and Voopoo Drag Mini Kit look almost the same, only the packing lists printed on the two boxes are different.



Let’s refer to the spec data:

By comparing the data above, Drag Mini has a built-in battery with max output of 117W, its weight is higher than drag 2 as the built-in batteries. Its size is the smallest.
Drag 2, just like the first-generation Drag, is powered by 2 18650 batteries. Its max output is 177w. Both the weight and size are optimized to a better condition, it looks almost like the same as Drag in first sight.




The panel of both the two devices are made of zinc alloy and colorful resin, which slightly lower the weight. Compared with the perpendicular angles of the first-generation Drag, the corners and angles of Drag 2 and Drag mini are processed to be rounded for holding. The colorful resin painting looks much like staypak, and the surface feels like rubber painting, increasing the friction for holding and reducing the coldness feel of metal.



Both Drag 2 and Mini are paired with Uforce T2. The atomizer on the mod is one of the highlights of the two new Drag mods. Structurally, the Uforce T2 Tank can be disassembled into five parts, including drip tip, top cap, glass tube and base. No matter filling e-liquid or changing coil, it’s super simple for both vaping newbies or experienced vapers.

It’s worth mentioning that the new “Gene” chip has a new FIT option with three settings: battery set, flavor set, cloud set. It is officially recommended that the FIT mode work with Uforce series tanks, not including RDA, RTA and RDTA.


You have time to spam us with your selfpromoting posts but no time or intentions to address the issue related to lack of material information?


VOOPOO Uforce Series Sub-ohm Tank Comparison

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about the Uforce Series Sub-ohm Tank --Uforce, Uforce T1 and Uforce T2.

As the first sub-ohm tank from VOOPOO, Uforce is The King of Flavor, Awaken the Force. It is paired with two U Series coils–Uforce U2 and U4.
Main Features:

  1. Precise coil head, fabulous taste;
  2. Triple balanced inhale system;
  3. Quick venting path to avoid mouth burning;
  4. Environmental insulation materials of drip tip.


Package List:
UFORCE U2(Pre-installed) x 1
Glass Tube 3.5ml(Pre-installed) x 1
Glass Tube 3.5ml x 1
Drip Tip x1
Sealing O-ring x 6
User Manual x1

As the second sub-ohm tank, Uforce T is endowed with a maverick character when it is created. Mechanical texture and swank Steam Punk style gives VAPE culture a new image. It is equipped with U2 and N1 coils. N1 coil is an innovative single mesh coil, made of new material, could produce smooth taste. Newly designed bubble glass tube reform your vaping experience.

Package List:

Uforce T2, with an exotic appearance and exquisite structure, the idea of UFORCE T2 comes from the mechanical design of the TRANSFORMER. It is equipped with U2 and N2, N2 is the new dual mesh coils, for an even heating and strong acceleration power.
This tank is not available to order now, but it is paired with Drag 2 and mini kit.

Package List:
UFORCE Tank x 1
Glass Tube 8ml x 1
Glass Tube 3.5ml x 1
Connector x 1
Resin drip x 1
Sealing O-Ring x 7
User Manual x 1
Warranty Card x 1

If you have any questions, welcome to comment below.


Voopoo VFL Refillable Pod System Kit 650 mAh

Voopoo VFL is the second pod system device. Covered by vacuum-plated aluminum alloy, it is a solid American football. With 3 voltages (2.5V, 3.0V and 3.5V) to switch and accurate structure, you can easily get the best flavor.

Features of Voopoo VFL Pod System Kit:

  1. Voltage adjustable: you can always get your favorite taste with the 2.5V, 3.0V or 3.5V voltage options and preheating setting.
  2. Two Airflow options: the two airflows are of different pore sizes. The pod can be placed accordingly to connect either airflow on both sides.
  3. Flavor oriented structure: ceramic coil and U-shape airflow always keep the original taste.
  4. Refillable pods: with preheating supported, the non-leaking 0.8ml pod applies to rich e-liquids
  5. Aesthetic shaping: VFL is in the shape of American football. The charging port is hidden on the bottom in this symmetric structure.
  6. Premium fishing: the combination of vacuum-plated aluminum alloy and silicone buttons makes the device astonishing in touch and vision.
  7. Long battery life: vape on anytime with VFL’s 650mah built-in battery!

Specifications of Voopoo VFL Pod System Kit:

Size: 89* 47* 18.5mm
Power range: max 10W
Battery capacity: 650mah
Resting current: ≤ 5V/ 500mA
Output voltage: 2.5V/ 3.0V/ 3.5V
Resistance range: 1.2Ω
Material: Zinc Alloy & Plastic

Packing List of Voopoo VFL Pod System Kit:

1* VFL 10W
1* User manual
1* USB cable
1* Warranty card
1* VFL pod


Comparing UFROCE Coils for your Choice

Vapers usually need to replace coils for their vaping devices to pursue better vaping experience. Coils connect the battery and the atomizer that burns the ejuice for you to vape.

Voopoo offers various styles of vape coils that give each vaper a unique vaping experience. And Voopoo vape coils are especially designed for UFORCE tanks. So they are called UFORCE coils.

The VOOPOO UFORCE Coils presents a bottom vertical structure with ample ports to ensure maximum flavor performance and consistency during extended use.

UFORCE coils are divided into five series including U, N, P, R and D series. Altogether there are 10 kinds of vape coils.

UFORCE Coils U Series (UFORCE U2, U4, U6 and U8):

Hey, do you know why they are called U2, U4, U6 and U8?

UFORCE Coils N Series (UFORCE N1, N2 and N3):

UFORCE P, R and D Series:

After reading all the above information, do you get the answer now?

If you still have some questions about how to choose replacement coils for your voopoo vape mods, please leave a comment below.


Yes. We all have the same question. What material are the wires. You last answer is a secret. You ask for questions…when will you provide a professional answer other than “it’s a secret.”


I once won an rta in a giveaway, it was an avidvape ghost inhale rta, and I was supposed to do a review on it. I ended up not doing a review on it because every time I started to write one up it ended up sounding like the Comedy Central roast of this poor company. How do you make a single coil rta and have the coil offset to the side inside the chamber? How do you make the slots for the coil legs twice as wide as the screw that holds them down, so wide that 24g wire can slip in and out with the screw all the way down? How do you advertise that your “wicking holes” are angled 45 degrees when in reality it’s your coil slots that are angled 45 degrees? And lastly, how could a company that knows so very very little about the products they make or the people who use them expect to be successful? Idk the answer to any of these questions, but if I were voopoo I would be asking myself that last question every day till I came up with an answer.


Since @VOOPOOTech are not willing to answer our questions all we can do is raise the awareness of their missconduct using all possible media at our disposal (and there is quite a lot of it)


Have you ever tried these eliquids? Which flavor is your favorite?

When paired with VOOPOO tanks, which one can bring you best vaping experience?

Let us know your thoughts!


Not interested in any VooPoop products whatsoever, until you clarify what IMO should be public information.


It’s probably the last thing he needs, but maybe @daath can intervene and read this individual the riot act!



REX comes out when ergonomic design and popular art meet together. REX takes on fast firing speed, powerful output of single battery, and comfortable grip as well. REX, designed with pop contrast color, delivers the newly-developed arts and shows the unique personality.

Apart from the innovation in its brain, GENE.FIT chip is secured by a V0 class fireproofing bridge to block dust, liquid or burnout.

Pop Contrast Color

Make You A Trendsetter

Metal body with pop colors brings you boundless imagination With REX on hand, you are going be a street trendsetter Various color collaborations match your choice

Five colors for choice

Small Gadget with

Comfortable Grip

Using more humanized ergonomic design
S-shaped body with curve-designed fire button perfectly fit the bight of manual hold
Hold by one hand, REX is easy to use
and will bring you extraordinarily comfortable grip

Super-fast Firing Speed

Deliver the great delight of vaping
80W powerful output. Power endures for long.

UFORCE, the King of Flavor

Strong and smooth flavor, Highly analysis the E-liquid
Equipped with venting system and triple balanced inhale system, Enjoy the big cloud without mouth burned.

Magnetic Battery Room Safe And No Electric Leakage

Powerful magnet to close the battery room
Engineering plastics provided by GE
Molding by full-automatic
injection molding machine from Germany

Support USB Connector

Be able to be charged through USB connector
Firmware could be upgraded on PC
Support personalized screen design

The Fourth-generation

510 Thread

REX is equipped with the fourth-generation
510 thread developed by ourselves
Anti-deadlock and avoid leaking of E-liquid

More Durable

  • Well dispatches the heat, to keep the product running in low temperature
  • Utilize the mainboards that could proof mould, water and corrosion, Four-layers process technology
  • High performance and low standby power consumption Enjoy durable vaping experience

Main Specifications

Packing List


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