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VOOPOO - Spark Your Life- Product Preview


Thanks you trying to teach people. Sad you still don’t understand that knowledge is key and that for safety the type of wire is an important choice.

Hence, should your new tag be #voopoodoesntcare #voopoopoopsonsecretwire #voopoousescheapchinawire #voopoopoopsonvapers


Careful or you might get another PM requesting you to STOP raising your opinion while they claim to try to provide good service yet refuse to provide what we as potential consumers see as essential information.

#ShameOnVooPoop #TerribleCustomerService #BoycutVooPoop #BusinessSecretMyAss


【Newbie Vaper Tips】Atomizer vs. Cartomizer vs. Clearomizer: What are they?

Whether you’re new to vaping or an experienced user, choosing your next vape kits, mods, parts, coils and accessories can be a daunting task. You might have heard of RTA, RDA and RDTA. But you will still have confusions on atomizers, clearomizers, and cartomizers.

Actually, they are devices that you attach to a battery or power supply to vapor e-juice (e-liquid). Being three major types of devices on the market today, they work on the same principle of heating e-juice to a temperature of vaporization.

An “atomizer” is used to refer to the coil of any vape tank, the part that is responsible for vaporizing e-liquid. It was later stretched to describe the entire vape tank, i.e. what you would put on top of a mod to vape. Rebuildables, clearomizers and cartomizers were all considered “atomizers.”

Nowadays, the word “atomizer” refers specifically to the rebuildable side of vape gear — the tanks where the user has to build their own coils. RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs are what we commonly refer to as atomizers, although the term is sometimes still used for non-rebuildable vape tanks.

“Clearomizers”, combining “clear” and “atomizer”, are the most popular and widely used devices for vaping. They usually comprise of a glass or plastic clear tank, a replaceable coil, a chimney that connects the coil with the top cap, and a mouthpiece. The first popular clearomizers were the CE4 and CE5 by Aspire. In fact, all vape tanks that take replaceable coils are clearomizers.

A “cartomizer” is a vaping device attached to the end of a battery. They are also commonly referred to as cigalikes or just e-cigarettes. The word comes from the combination “cartridge” and “atomizer.” Cartomizers are similar in design to the atomizer. The big difference is that cartomizers have polyfill wrapped around a heating coil. A polyfill soaks e-juice and allows for longer vape time over atomizer.

With these three terms defined, you’ll know more when you look for your next device. Hope this will guide you to find the most satisfying one to achieve your great vaping experience.


VOOPOO Drag New Stickers for Christmas & New year

Look what we’re preparing for you guys!

The new Drag stickers for the coming Christmas & New year! Hope you all will like it!

Vote below for your favorite sticker! We’ll giveaway some free stickers to VOOPOO fans soon!


What material is those stickers, is it PVC stickers?


I do like your that your trying to get into the spirit of Christmas…but I think this is a very poor choice. I would rather see a sticker that covers the big voopoo branding without anything that resembles a cartoon character.

Here are some suggestions on words for the stickers.

-I pooped and called it a voooooopoooo. Picture of a toilet is needed here.
-My voopoo fell and it cant get up. Maybe a picture of the arrp (the retirement community is an untapped market)
-I peed and now call my mod a voopee
-Call me Sir poopsalot. Picture of some Ex-Lax


They need to make some stickers with a glitter dress, so the mod can become a real drag queen!


I’m not sure what the point is for that “What is a RDA…What is a RTA” postings.
I think those would be better placed in the Beginners section of the forum.

From what I can see the members in this section are all veteran vapers and we are well aware of what the differences between an RDA and an RTA are. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why would anyone want to put something with the word poo in there mouth?


Because it is so damn difficult to eat soup with a fork :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve just added A Reply from VooPooTech to my “All I want for Christmas” list. :smirk:


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Lets add:

#VooPooSuxxAss #VooPooIsWorseThanSmok #DontBuyVooPoo #ShameOnYouVooPoo



[DIY Tutorial] How to Do Fused Clapton Wire DIY with 28 & 38 Gauge Resistance Wire?

Are you a DIY guy?
Have you ever tried to make Fused Clapton Wireoils yourselves with wires?

A Clapton coil is a vape wire consisting of a core of wire tightly wrapped by, usually, a thinner gauge wire.

There are several reasons why Clapton coils are so popular: they can increase flavor, increase cloud production, they have better longevity, they can look cool and are fun to make.

The increased cloud production is caused by the large increase in surface area. All of the nooks and crannies of the outer wire creates increases the surface area of the otherwise bare wire by quite a bit. This increased surface area is essentially exposing more wire to juice which allows it to heat a larger amount of juice at the same time, increasing vapor production.

This is partially why a Clapton coil can have more flavor as well. The flavor from a Clapton coil can have more depth to it since they allow you to taste more notes in your juice. Think of it this way: at certain temperatures, different notes of your juice come out which is why it is good to adjust your power a little bit every time you change flavors. In a Clapton coil, the core will heat up much faster than the outer wire, allowing you to taste flavors that come out at higher power levels, while at the same time tasting flavors that come out at lower power levels.

Today we are going to show you guys how to make how to Do RDA Vertebraid Coil DIY with 28 & 38 Gauge Resistance Wire.

You just need to prepare some simple tools to make it.

Please watch this video carefully, any questions, welcome to comment below.

You just need to prepare some simple tools to make it.

Please watch this video carefully, any questions, welcome to comment below.
Try it yourselves.


So you will tell us how to make a Clapton coil, but won’t share what your coil metal is made of??? Interesting strategy…if people know how to make their own Claptons then they won’t need your mystery metal premade coils anyway, so win-win for us lol


It’s made of VooPoo Poo and dodgy marketing practices. Everyone knows that


They forgot to include…
“But that doesn’t mean we will reply!”


VOOPOO REX moments – Pop Color make you a trendsetter

VOOPOO REX starter kit comes out when ergonomic design and popular art meet together. REX takes on fast firing speed, powerful output of single battery, and comfortable grip as well. REX, designed with pop contrast color, delivers the newly-developed arts and shows the unique personality.

The perfect match with REX Kit:

Caliber & REX, your best vape friends!

Drag Mini & REX, gorgeous with great flavor!

Panda baby & REX brother!

MOJO & REX, like a pair of twins!

MOJO R & REX, more clouds together!

Seven colors of REX Kit, $59 only.


VOOPOO: From Gene Chip, Gene Fun Chip to Gene Fit Chip!

Hey, friends. Have you heard of Gene Chip used in VOOPOO vape devices? How much do you know about Gene Chip? If you have no idea about it, let’s figure it out now.

Talking about Gene Chip, there is a company that should be mentioned. GENE VAPE SOLUTIONS is a professional manufacturer with technical solutions and service. They offer all kinds of consumer electronics products including Gene Chip of ecigarettes. Ecigarettes with Gene Chip will generally avoid malfuntions. It is so proud to say that the product defect rate is just six in ten thousand with complaints rate of zero, meaning that there is only six in poor quality in ten thousand of Gene chips! How amazing!

To continuously provide user-friendly vape products, VOOPOO has set up a long strategic cooperation with GENE VAPE, rolling out custom board of “FAN” to provide vapers with excellent vaping experience and more personal options.

With upgraded Gene. Fan. Chip,

  1. Multiple modes for different tastes could be achieved. Vapers can freely adjust the cooling value and temperature to customize the taste. You may also upgrade the firmware and customize multiple modes once connected to the software. There are altogether five modes for you: Power, Super, TI, SS and NI modes.
  2. 32-digit GENE.FAN Chip to ensure instant firing, stable and safe vaping.
  3. All brains are protected by a V0 class fireproofing bridge to block dust, liquid and fire.
  4. 0.1% Accurate: Precisely control the output wattage and temperature;
  5. Supporting USB Charging: customize settings;
  6. The world’s fastest firing speed of 10 milliseconds.

The first application of Gene. Fan. Chip in VOOPOO Drag brought VOOPOO a new stage and earned adoptions from vape lovers. Then VOOPOO continues applying it in Too Kit, Mojo Kit, Mojo R Kit, Caliber Kit and Vmate Kit. If you have one of the above vape kits, you could check it out.

Here comes the Gene. Fit Chip. You can see that Gene. Fit Chip is used in Drag 2, Drag Mini and Rex Kit. The Gene. Fit. Chip is the end result of 15 months of R&D with 181 tanks tested. The process involved data mining of 11 million bits of information from other vape chips. Indeed it is designed to get more life out of vape coils by avoiding burnouts. Moreover, the Gene.Fit chip is guarded by internal protections from surges, dust, and liquid.

Our vision has always been to create the device that is of high performance, long endurance and best protection for vapors. FIT is a mode that can protect tanks to the most with its intelligent matches of FIT 1/2/3.

Features of FIT

  1. Protect sub-ohm tanks from burnout (*Under normal and right operating conditions);
  2. Long battery life under a safe condition (*Under normal and right operations)
  3. Intelligent matches with tanks

*UFORCE tanks recommended for FIT mode. It does not apply to RDA, RTA or RDTA.

From Gene Chip, Gene Fun Chip to Gene Fit Chip, VOOPOO has spared every effort to creat user-friendly vape products to satisfy vapers with high technology.


VOOPOO Rimfire 26mm RTA

The Rimfire RTA (chuckle) is marketed as a user friendly tank and is apparently leak proof and easy to build.

The top of the tank is removed for filling and sort of locks into place rather than a full screw on tank.

The chamber components have a left hand thread to help avoid accidental unscrewing.

The deck part of the tank will accommodate single or dual coil builds.

The airflow comes in through the top of the tank and is channelled down to the underside of the coils. This should help with leak prevention.

There is a great kit to come with this RTA too including coils and cotton and spare screws.

An 810 resin drip tip is installed as standard and at the base of the tank the 510 connector pin is gold plated to improve conductivity.

Here is a video from the Voopoo website to give you a closer look at the Rimfire RTA and how to build it.

There are 4 colours available – Gold, Red, Black and Silver.

Product Features:

  • 26mm Base Diameter
    • 30mm Maximum Diameter
  • 5ml Tank Capacity
    • High Capacity Tank Reservoir
    • Twist-On Top Cap
    • Two Large Fill Ports
    • Reverse Threaded Tank Chamber
  • Stainless Steel Postless Build Deck
    • Dual Coil Design
      • Four Terminal
        • Side Mounted Hex Screws
        • 2mm by 3mm Each Terminal
      • Eight 1mm Air Holes on Build Deck
      • PEEK Insulation
    • Dual Wicking Ports
      • 9mm by 3.5mm Adjustable Wicking Ports
  • Dual Adjustable Top Airslots
    • 12mm by 1.75mm Each Airslot
    • Fully Closeable
  • 9mm Bore 810 Resin Drip Tip
  • 304 Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Gold Plated 510 Contact