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VV/VW boards - are there any DIY projects?


That’s what she said!!! :laughing:


I have an order at Modsledz that’s been processing for almost 2 weeks now. Anyone else have this kind of unreasonable wait time for this company? I’m not sure if I’ll order from them again after this because I have contacted them about this with no response.


I wish a mod builder could make a Squonk mod with this board. I am very Impressed with my Hohm Wrecker G2



2 things:
The holidays backed them up a bit.
They moved their entire operation over the holidays.
These factors backed them up a bit.
Modsledz is an excellent company.
I know the owner…if you get any more impatient, PM me your order number and I’ll contact him


I was concerned because they didn’t reply to my questions when I messaged them. Thanks for the info @Whiterose0818.


The owner is a super solid guy…lemme know if you need anything.
What did you order?


Stainless Steel Button Swich, 14Ga Silicone Wire, Modemeter Bezel and another V2.2 Chipset. I’m in no hurry for them and can wait, I just didn’t know their situation and wouldn’t until you told me. I’m really not a bad customer to deal with or anything, hope I didn’t come off like that. I just have a pet peeve when a seller doesn’t take the time to reply to a message and nothing personal to any seller I buy from.


I completely understand and I am the same way…if you have my money, you better be communicating!
But I know their situation and I know they aren’t in the office a lot right now. He still should be communicating, but he is overwhelmed right now. If it takes much longer, let me know!


That’s ok, I’ll give them the get out of jail free pass this round. The first order was fast so knowing their move and business pressure as I know so well myself, I will not pressure them. I’m sure they will get back up to speed as soon as they possibly can based on your trust in them so this makes my concerns go away, thanks @Whiterose0818.Now knowing their situation, I feel bad I said anything… :pensive:


Oh happy days! Last week we’ve had an engineer in school to set up a brand new laser cutting/engraving machine. I was there all day because i will have to maintain the computer which runs it.
We’ve had a full 3 hour training course on how to use it and how to use the smoke extraction and the chiller for the laser tube. And all the health and safety stuff of course. We’ve cut a few test pieces and did some engraving but only on acrylic.
I can’t yet comment on the engraving quality on anodized aluminium (!) but it looks very promising. I would love to have something like that at home but unfortunately i will probably end up with the 350 quid ebay china model (How is that one going by the way, @Whiterose0818?) . This one with the 80W glass CO2 laser tube and the gas extraction is about 8000 pounds without the tax which we don’t have to pay as a school. In the range of laser cutters this is their “budget model”.



Hi your look for a pwm board look here https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/9tferpA7


I am part of a facebook group that does lots of diffrent ones of these called moxbods


$1.90 for 3 inc shipping any where in world!!! 231016 MIC1557 PWM


Christian…it’s me, Rob McLeod…lol.
I am in the group, lol.
What’s happening, @Christian_Viola! Welcome to ELR!!!


Hi Rob, I saw you were look ing for a project and were getting pop boards so I thought I wouls throw this one in, hard to know who you are when your name is diffrent :slight_smile:


Hi, did you ever join my group moxbods on fb?


Hi there,
no, I haven’t, have you invited me? I’m not very active on facebook so that’s not really the right channel for me. I joined the 2 groups Rob invited me to but apart from a few questions at the beginning i haven’t contributed anything.
The mod building is resting at the moment. The teacher in our school who wanted to help with the stabilized wood and the milling has left and he took the mills with him.
I’ll join your group if you don’t mind inactivity over times… I hope to pick it up again after the summer when the rainy/windy season starts in the UK.


Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/moxbods/

I dont mind your activity level at all… It is a pretty laid back but
informative group.