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Watermelon brands


If Delosi watermelon isn’t available which brand would u select? Thanks Donna.


Hi Donna!

I’m not a melon officianado but had a nosy at the flavour list and Medicine Flower scores highly (its expensive but an extract so you only need to use a small amount. TPA Watermelon is the most used in recipes (currently).

I’d hang fire for somebody with melon experience to chime in…I can see from the notes that @JoJo has used the Delosi version so she might be of more use to you :+1:

@Amy2 is our resident Flavour Queen and has a wicked palette from reading her notes over the last couple of months so she will likely be able to assist as well :+1:


Well, any one at the moment…to get you by.

There is a new Watermelon coming out in the next few weeks that is absolutely 'killa’
I am sorry I can’t explain more at the moment, but I do have a bottle of it for testing.

It will be posted here on ELR when it is available, along with some other incredible flavors.

Just keep your eyes open, and if I forget to alert you…just bug me about it occasionally.


Ooooh! Exciting news :+1:


And…the MOST INCREDIBLE Cheesecake you have ever tried !!!


Oh my goodness - I am so excited right now! :laughing:


hmmmmmmm there has been a lot of subtle hints lately regarding new flaves being released ive got my idea who it is but will remain very quite not to ruin the fun lol


does the cheesecake fall more on the NY cheesecake cap or the LO cheesecake side ??? i love cheesecake my two faves being caps and tpa cheese with graham crust


i love melons honeydew , cantalaupe regarding watermelon though i have three tpa watermelon candy, FW watermelon. and FA watermelon and havent liked them much but any watermelon vape hasnt been great IMO i think its just the flave itself


These are unlike any other available.


I play with them all mixed together.

Watermelon inw. Watermelon FA. Sweet watermelon cap. I think I even have the tpa as well. And I have watermelon mf…but it didn’t improve my recpie.

My favorite starting point was the mixture of FA and inw together.


have you had a good watermelon mix ??? and what did you mix it with creams , fruits etc itvseems everything over powers the watermelon


its amazes me the different tastes each manufacturer has on the same fruit , take honeydew for example tpa is by far my fave but they all are different same with watermelon i just havent found the watermelon one yet i guess


None that I own. There variations of what I think is dragons blood and tigers blood on the recpie side.

My “not ezduzit” clone is kinda sitting by the way side.

I have a watermelon mf solo recpie just steeping now. I tried adding it to my ezduzit clone and it destroyed the profile.

All in all. For me watermelon is just like strawberry. More than one in the mix.


And OMG it is a fantastic tasting melon I whole heartedly agree


CAP Sweet Watermalon, FLA wild Melons and FA watermelon are great. The CAP Double Watermelon is really candy like to me but the others are fantastic and there is better on the horizon.


Good Watermelon concentrate coming soon :smiley:


Hey Donna it depends on what your after ? Meaning if you’re in to sweet tangy candish watermelon then something as simple as Watermelon Clear LA would work just fine. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/29700

Also in that same territory yet having more of a realistic smell is Watermelon TFA http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/670 and almost identical yet subtly sweeter is their Watermelon Candy TFA http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/15492

I enjoy mixing them if I can’t seem to get what I’m after w/ just one it helps to blend a couple together.

I really like Delosi Watermelon and realize you’d mentioned it being unavailable. If you’re wanting a very realistic more rind and non sweet Watermelon then Medicine Flower is it. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/32410 available at ecigexpress under the name Lotus Flavors these are MF that have been rebottled.

Some other honorable mentions would be Capella sweet watermelon & double watermelon both are weaker and imho need support from another watermelon…I’d also say Red Summer - Watermelon FA would fit in this category as well.

Flavorah Wateremlon mild lightly juicy needs a couple drops of FLV Cantaloupe to me to really help boost it.

INW Watermelon is quite juicy and a lil tangy semi sweet I’d say has some rind notes but I really need to play w/ it more to get better acquainted.

I don’t really care for FW’s Watermelon it ruins more batches than has helped but to each their own.

I don’t know where you are located but if you’re in the states most of these flavors can easily be found at


ecigexpress.com ( I have trouble w/ their site or I’d put up a link ) even after clearing my cache it just spins for an eternity.

Good Luck !

And @ozo I’m excited to hear about these flavors :smile:


well then the FW watermelon is probably what screwing it up for me lol but seriously its nice to know others opinions bc for me watermelon has been very hard to play with and ecx has been that way since yesterday for me i finally got my order in


Will I be able to get them to Australia do you think?