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Way to find good recipes


I have a similar idea. 3 choices
a) I will not make it again
b) it’s ok
c) I will make it again

The problem with stars system for me is that I can’t rate with 1 or 2 or 3 stars becase the taste is subjective and I don’t want to bury a recipe because someone else maybe will love it. That left space for the 5 stars to rise up.


I totally agree. Some of my mixes I don’t like my friends love.


A good tip for beginners is to keep notes for every single flavor they got in stash and then make their own single flavor tests. It’s important to know what percentage they can use and if they got flavors that can mute other flavors like vanilla swirl.

If you find a recipe that sounds tasty before you make it but after the recommended steep time isn’t that good as you thought then you should rate it and write what you didnt like in comment.


welcome to the forum m8 :slight_smile:
well there isn’t a magic way to avoid “bad recipes” or something for real…

when you come for example 5 starred recipes by many people most of the times i guess most of the times is about “i like this” or “i don’t like this”… while there are also recipes rated with 0 or just a few stars by JUST a few people that are really great at the same time and noone knows about (there had been a post in the forum about it a while ago)…

still the whole thing is a trial and error and we ALL learn like this… if someone wants some tips how to avoid bad recipes in a way to help for not losing money i would say something like this

  1. Avoid flavors you don’t like (i don’t like vaping coconut and banana for example… no matter what i wouldn’t make a recipe that contains any of these even in low quantities…(low doesn’t really mean that can’t have (a strong) presence in the flavor)

  2. make sure you’re steeping the eliquid as long as the original mixer said (steeping is also a personal matter) though if you don’t like the result try to steep it even longer… (example, i had tried some recipes that were looking very interesting to me… though i didn’t liked the result! not so great as i was expecting to be, i was also using some new flavors that never tried before… but leaving them in my closet and trying them after 1-2 months the result was really good…)

  3. if you don’t like the result no matter what, try to change it… add some flavor(s) that you think it suits and will make it better (though it will need further steeping), a subtip onthis … menthol saves money :stuck_out_tongue: a 3% covers almost any other flavor… so if you like vaping menthol this is a great way to avoid throwing in the bucket your juice…

and probably other people can give more and even better solutions or tips… though just keep in mind that after some time you will learn how to properly use a variety of flavors so you can start trying making your own recipes plus being able to rate a recipe while you see the ingredients since you have got knowledge about how flavors taste on their own, percentages etc… and in general have a better picture of DIY…


when someone begins there has to be some failure.rule no1 for me is learning from your mistakes and your failures.i mostly like tobacco recipes,so after my first painful lessons,i started searching recipes by flavors i already had. in time you learn how to decide if a recipe you see suits the profile you like


I like to look to these threads as opposed to relying on the rating system. There’s some really good recipes and info in each of them.

It doesn’t really help people unhappy with the rating system or folks that don’t visit this side of the site but it got me thinking. I don’t know how much work would go into and if it’s possible but what about adding some featured Threads at the top of the recipe side? They may encourage more interaction here and help spread more knowledge to those who need it but have avoided or not realized this forum exists.


That’s something I think we’d all like to see.
But you have to beat in mind, there’s so many sub-sets of vaping, because there are so many different factors influencing the reasons why a person might vape in the first place.

Some do it for flavor.
Some for clouds.
Some take short drags.
Others used to kill half a cigarette in a single pull.
Some like it hot.
Some cool.
Some warm.

And we haven’t even begun to cover the varying states of what a person can taste (while in the first week after quitting smoking/etc, while the taste buds are still trashed and it takes more flavor to reach through. Or several months later, when they’ve reached the point of equilibrium again, and can taste to their normal standards. Never mind the fact of whether or not their “normal” taste buds were actually accurate…and we haven’t touched on how percentages vary by brand…)

This I completely agree with, and something I wish every person had the ability to “self moderate”. But, even with that said… That same newbie recipe might help another newbie at the same point in their journey. So…

The best thing you can do, is what’s been repeatedly stated before (both here, in this thread, and WAY BEFORE in others) and that’s learn your preferences. The only way a new mixer can do that though, is to dive in, and mix.

With time, and practice, comes experience.
With experience comes wisdom.
With wisdom, you can spot things that are suitable for you, and those that aren’t.
With additional experience, you can see where a mixer is coming from (what stage they are at) and even begin to get insight into what they’re using (hardware/power/and MTL or DL-wise). While there’s always an exception to the “rules”, the traits are typically indicative, and pretty accurate (as a general point of reference).

You’d likely have to have multiple “admin panels” to do so.

  • One for MTL (typically low power, higher flavor percentages)
  • One for DL low power (15-30w. AKA: the cool crowd. moderate flavor percentages)
  • One for DL medium power (30-60w.AKA: the warm crowd. Medium to lower flavor percentages)
  • One for DL high power (typically 70w+. AKA: the hot crowd. Frequently, the ultra low percentages)

So yeah. Not really viable, as that’s a LOT of knowledgeable volunteers to have to round up #1. And second, that’s no small task, and would require a serious amount of time and dedication to something where it’s “Recipe’s Gone Wild” in the “enthusiastic new mixer zone”. :laughing:

I’ve said this before, but personally, I still believe that one of the biggest ways to help sort this out (for new users, intermediates, and vets alike) is to add check boxes for the recipes, so that during creation, the creator (or adapter) could select their current state of vaping (MTL/DL-lowpwr/DL-medpwr/DL-highpwr) that would correspond to, and be displayed with the recipe. Further, the membership could then filter, and sort by such. :wink:

But that’s quite possibly (or some variation) is already in the works… As daath has serious plans, but only so much time. I continue to believe there are great things in store, but we also have to do our fair share in the meantime as responsible users.



I LOVE this idea!
Though I would make an “internal translation” to #2 to the effect of “I’ll make it once in awhile!” lol :wink:


Awesome idea!! :thumbsup:

Possibly like an RSS feed! :wink:
Unobtrusive, but doesn’t escape one’s attention!


I fixed it!! :grinning:


There was absolutely no need to change it!
It was perfectly fine as it was! :thumbsup:

Some recipes are going to be just “ok”… So it fits!


I[quote=“Laberythm, post:24, topic:169483”]
I have a similar idea. 3 choices

a) I will not make it again

b) it’s ok

c) I will make it again

I’ll throw my two cents in (although with the exchange rate, it may only be 3/4 cent)!!

When I’m rating, I’ll use these guidelines:

:star:️ I hated it so much, I dumped it. (But it looked good enough to try)
:star::star:️ One bottle was ok, but I don’t want more.
:star::star::star:️I could vape this occasionally (once a month or less)
:star::star::star::star:️I like this. I want to have this on hand.
:star::star::star::star::star:️ OMFG!!! I LOVE THIS AND I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. This is an ADV.

Just my thoughts😃


That’s the same way I rate them! If something of mine gets rated low that’s fine I’m still working stuff out and always will be, that being said if it’s bad tell me why and if you can give me an idea of how to fix it!


I suggested this at one point awhile back. Personally, I still feel like it’s a better way of going about the “ratings” and I think the rating system should be totally abolished. But, I know why it won’t be so I just ignore it completely. LoL


I think that is a good idea.


I’m not sure about that. The rating system gave me somewhere to start. At the time I felt like it was my only friend in the mixing world. I collected quite a few good flavors because of the rating system, but then I’ve also been disappointed many times.


Well cooper1 I think you are right; and JoJo’s right, Dans right, and pretty much everyone else that is commenting. So how about we take a radical approach? And by "radical " I mean the dictionary definition “to get to the root” and not controversial or any of the other linguistic machinations used to justify the interests of the few over the many. The square root symbol is a “radical” i.e. get to the root.

I can think of no better example to demonstrate this principle of logic than to point to what occurs in courtrooms on a daily basis: one side with no reason to lie and every reason not to; the other side lying their asses off: and a jury whose normal human instincts are to find middle ground and give “benefit of the doubt” created by manipulators. The results are damned near always a disaster. While its easy to point to the root problem, no solution has ever been found.

Its very clear that this entire situation is rooted in the actions of an interconnected group of people who have appointed themselves to make sure that one of their members holds the highest rated recipes on this site. All that is necessary is to read the accompanying rating comments such as “you deserve it” etc for which there are a ton of. It’s not the recipe; they are crowning their “king” and imposing their will upon a very large group of people.

I don’t have a stake in this nor do I have a single recipe listed. I rated a recipe as a 3 and made clear that was based upon my personal tastes and honest opinion of the recipe and not the person. I made no disparaging comments. It was pointed out to me that I had rated Alissa’s Bust a Nut as 5 as if that was somehow not justified. I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think but this got under my skin. I refused to engage in any argument.

I don’t have a solution. Whenever rules are made someone will always find a way to get around them.


I also believe that almost all opinions on how the rating system should be are right.And that proves that the rating system is so wrong the way it is today.maybe a solution would be to break the system into different categories,for example “all time classics”,“best new recipe of the month” etc.i cannot understand how it is even possible to have recipes that are back from 2015 in the top 20.some of them are really hard to vape with 2017 equipment.Even the ingredients nowdays are so more complexed and specialized(just think how many different concentrates we have now for bisquit-cream-custard-nuts etc)


Is it for you to decide, or is it for the entire community to decide? Or is it for the owner and administrators to decide? If you don’t like the rating system don’t use it.

It is because they earned those spots. Speaking only for myself, Bust a Nut helped me to quit smoking and I still like it. Not everyone uses current equipment and there are many MTL vapers here on ELR. Just yesterday I gave an old mod to someone who wants to quit smoking. And I mixed him a bottle of Bust a Nut after letting him sample several. Does that meet your approval?


a)i didn’t say i will decide.of course the community will decide b)i will use the rating system as it is today because i don’t see a better one c)i will certainly not ask for your permission to use it or for anything else.it is my opinion,if you don’t agree it is fine with me.d)i didn’t mention anywhere “bust a nut” did i?
but you have to understand that 2015 recipes were made for 2013-2014 equipment.they cannot be vaped in a double coil rda,it is as simple as that.of course they deserve all the credits and that’s the reason i proposed an “all time classic” category in the rating system
This is a forum my friend and we ,as members,express our opinions and thoughts.The owner and the admins read what we think and maybe in the future all these might be useful for them,if and when they decide to make some changes. To create something new,you must first see what is wrong with the old

ps.I see you have a problem with groups rating the members of their groups. it is quite obvious you mean the “vape alchemists” group and the lemon tart recipe.although i was a member of this group(but not anymore),my opinion remains the same.let’s not engage in one more disagreement about the lemon tart ratings