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We need more participants in the giveaways!


Thx everyone at elr your contributions are very helpful! Be even more supportive and enter more giveaways! We’re falling short of required participants on most of the giveaways and why wouldn’t you want a chance to get cool mods and tanks. Thx and like crazy Shia says just do it lol



I wouldnt object to someone creating a thread with links to the running giveaways.

@jojo @daath others. Thoughts?


I like it. I also just pimped the giveaway category on facebook.


Very fast response time lol thx @Ken_O_Where and @daath


Is that something you would be interested in doing, @GalacticResidue? I dont enter enough of them to keep up with it as i love the gear i have.


I think I can handle that! Thx @Ken_O_Where


@daath, is there any way to keep others from posting in the thread? Maybe just GR?

It would be nice to be able to keep it clean with all the info in chronological order.


I think that’s only possibly on categories… Not on individual posts… It would have been cool if it was possible though!


I can see it being useful in several types of threads. Maybe in the future! Thanks. :slight_smile:


What category do you recommend putting the thread under? Tried the giveaways forum and couldn’t until @JoJo gave me the rights! All is good now!


Id say in giveaways, it could be pinned there.

And thank you, GR :slight_smile:


Ok, so here’s the rub. I don’t participate in the giveaways because I don’t like all the silly little rules. Just not doing it. If they would simply let a reply of any kind count that would work, just don’t try to have me say what I like, don’t like, want from a website and whatnot. That’s the only reason I stay away from them.

That is all.


You should see some of the answers i have given to their questions. In one of them i said something like.

  1. Gibs it to me
  2. Pweeze
  3. GIBS IT TO ME!!

In one i just posted pictures and another i posted questions to their questions but i think that was on reddit.

But yeah, i agree. Some of the questions are just odd…


I agree overall. I still do participate just because if I don’t win atleast some else got something. Personally, when I won a 10-15 gift card I found someone who could use it…selling another member who was truely an active asset to the forum.

For the goon giveaway. Yeah…I could never have enough goon rda’s. Lol.


Same here… I’ve been very disappointed with most of the newer vape gear I’ve purchased over the last year or so. It would be good for those that’s in discovery mode tho.


Simple reply is all we need we just to up the participant count but if not I understand @SthrnMixer


And, I don’t like dancing like a little monkey for someone else’s market research, all to receive a product which costs them roughly $5 or less. :rage:


I agree with all of you, but I feel the point is being missed! It’s nice to have the giveaways on this site and plenty of people enjoy them, some of the companies are starting to shy away from giveaways due to lack of participation! If you get some gear you won’t use give it to a noob vaper in need or gift it to someone else who would benefit from it! I have several bad ass mods and rdas but like @Chrispdx said you can never have enough goons lol anyway thx everyone!


Lol. You crack my shit up. Dance monkey dance. Lol.