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We need more participants in the giveaways!


This is exactly why I don’t enter the giveaways:

1.Do you know 3avape?(Yes/no)
Will you recommend 3avape to your friends?
2.Pick up one product you like on 3avape.com13,and share the link here.
3.like our facebook page,another amazing giveaway is waiting for you there.

4.Tag your vaping friends from this forum,as many as you can.


Why all the sudden do I feel like an ass for trying to help out the site and fellow vapers? :thinking: Hmmm, yup still gonna do it!


Exactly my sentiments


Just do what you do if it feels right man.


Thx @TheTinMan1 I appreciate that! :disappointed_relieved: Lol


That’s what she said


No reason to feel like an ass for anything.
It just so happens that everyone that decided to reply to your post has strong feelings about why they choose not to participate in the giveaways.
It’s all good. Just do what you do.


Id love to try some new tanks but ive already won one so i have been staying away.


The Goon giveaway has 29 participants and needs one more before it ends tomorrow. Just sayin’. :wink:


Fine!! I just made it 30


You the man @Saxon2 this is exactly why I posted this lol thx man! Ya your rite it kinda felt one sided but it’s probably more like 50/50 in the grand scheme of things!


How totally ironic would it be if after all that, I won :laughing:


That would be awesome :clap: lol I’d lmao!


Its the friend tagging part that gets me. I ain’t got no friends. :frowning:

…and then there is the multiple tagging of one person. Seems like that would get annoying after while. For example, I stopped counting at 8 tags to woftam.


we are, well most, all friends bud.


woftam has a lot of friends here. :laughing:


Lol i must been tagged in that thread 50x lol not that i mind - i did go and buy 2 as well (i was super curious about the price they shipped 4 days ago)


I was seriously considering it. But I’m still waiting for my second Aromamizer to get here


I run 3 of em now by far my fav tank


I had to get a second for my pending WR that should be here soon