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We need more participants in the giveaways!


You can always tag me as a friend.


You can tag me too as your friend. :wink:



That’s my problem with tagging, when does it become “nagging” spaming/trolling? [quote=“woftam, post:37, topic:150350”]
Lol i must been tagged in that thread 50x


It doesn’t matter much to me but i am sure some would find it a little intrusive - when i tag i try to tag someone who hasn’t been tagged before - not always easy, but that said the person tagged can always mute the thread i guess.


I always see it as a compliment that my lil old name has popped into somebody’s head :grin:


That’s true but i can remember a cpl of people tagged and came on the forum not too happy about it. :joy:
But like you say, they can always mute the topic. :+1:


I’m like this too. Most of the time, I’ll enter a giveaway without even wanting what the prize is just to log another participant. Not really fair to the people that actually want the item, but if we keep falling short, we’ll see less of them (I’d try to give the prize away anyway if I won it).


That’s what I do. I don’t have the money to go and buy stuff for new vapers so this way if I win, I can pass it on and if I don’t at least someone else gets a prize.
If I think there are too many hoops to go through I just do the least bothersome of the lot and still count as a participant.


I can see both sides to the story. Yes, free stuff is awesome even if you dont want it and passing it on is very rewarding, especially if you can convert a smoker. Some of the contest rules are ridiculous and annoying no doubt. It would be nice to see more contests that have less foot work involved (boy that sounds lazy as hell :weary: ). I think more people would get involved too if the prizes were geared toward advanced vapers. We mix our own juice! No beginner is going to start mixing the same week! By the time someone makes it here to this forum they’re looking for something more out of vaping, not the newest beginner device.

If we want to keep the contests around though we need to enter them. Some businesses are already publicly posting that they’re pulling the giveways since no one wants the prize and thats sad to see :cry: What could we do to change this? You can’t force people to enter and you can’t force companies to give away stab wood mods all day (cut to Steven Tyler screaming “Dream on, dream on”)


Tends to be U.S based companies whom I doubt would post to the UK?
For that reason I generally steer clear.


More often than not it’s Chinese based vendors who ship all over the world.



I haven’t posted a “Hi I’m blah blah, and I’ve been vaping for blah blah” I didnt even realize there was a forum for probably 7 or 8 months. A long time member told me about the forum, and suddenly, here’s a whole new area to read and sift through.

I lurk. I read what others are doing. I think about what they’ve done, and see if I can make it something more for me. If I ever make something worthwhile, I’ll post it so others can do the same. Of course I saw the posts for the giveaways. I am truly grateful to the vendors and people who give things away to people. With that said, I chose not to get involved for a couple of reasons.

First…and foremost…(and I am not suggesting anyone else is)…I am not one of ‘those’ people, who show up for the free sh*t and contribute very little or nothing in return.

Second…I vape and mix, for me. Sure, I have friends that vape, but I refuse to involve them (without asking…and I dont have time to ask everyone), in something for me.

I dont know if that makes sense. But thats why I havent participated.


Ok, I’ll be the ogre. Bah Humbug!!! I don’t care who you are old fatso get your reindeer off my roof!!! If ya’ll need a couple more to hit the limit I’ll help but for the most part I haven’t really seen anything I wouldn’t turn around a and give away again anyway. And especially the ones who want me to advertise on 32 social media sights for them. NO!!! I’m not on 32 social media sights. I don’t 32 social media sights worth of wackos filling up my screens with melancholy, faux-magnanimous, baiting, hyperbolic, whiny, adolescent, crap!!! Yes, I’m the guy who doesn’t believe that driving is a social activity. I don’t care what you are in or on just don’t park it up my ass.


Oh Walt. …would you honestly give away a @Whiterose0818 mod??? Or a Goon? :wink:


Lol, I have no idea on the Whiterose as I have not owned one. The Goon I would give away as I have two already. They are nice RDA’s for sure, but I can’t use three. I’ve noticed repeatedly over time that “stuff” accumulates. Eventually exceeding available space to keep it nicely. I have a simple rule. If I don’t use it, it goes.


I think the Whiterose mod deserves a more lengthy comment. I do appreciate that these are hand made and that per my perception it is a one man small business. In that regard I am entertaining buying one to support this individual. I would like to see more of this. I do support and understand giving one away as advertisement, but I would rather pay for one. I would hope the person who won the mod was of an income that made it prohibitive to purchase one. That would be “icing on the cake” to me. I would love to have one made up with a Yihi 550J chip in it. I would have to think long and hard on a theme and design. Time to drag out Photoshop and Illustrator, right?


Welcome to ELR!

I think my first 3 post here was to enter a contest and I won :laughing: I have since paid that item forward to another member.

I say feel free to enter any contest. Post other things when you feel ready and comfortable. If you need someone to tag feel free to tag me.


A @Whiterose0818 is deserving of a lengthy comment and seems everyone who entered the recent contest wanted one, income prohibitive or not. xD I wanted one myself but needed to save up. Those colorful Stabwood resins he makes are to die for. I happened to win that WR contest btw and just now getting acquainted with it so will leave more comments as I do. I read reviews that this is the only mod you’ll ever need so glad to have won it since I only own a couple setups. Mine was premade so I opted to take it as is and yeah you’ll want to think long and hard on a theme cuz it’s definitely special.
No need to really win more (unless it’s a Whiterose) but I would like to give to a few friends who want to quit the cigs. Also I’m a bit worried about FDA regulations and how it will affect prices after it goes into effect.Stockpiling mentality. If I remember right the WR has a lifetime warranty which is good. :sunglasses:
As for participating in the contests… I really don’t care for adding to social media either. If anything, just answering one or more of the other questions will enter you. If you don’t want it, give it away/PIF. At least that way there are enough playing for others to have a chance. :thinking:


I’d like to see this mod do you have a picture for us?