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What about vaping for medicinal benefits?


I got stuck reading on one of those ‘scare’ sites touting the horrors of vaping and just wanted to see what this guys ‘facts’ were. He was saying the same old thing about VG or PG not being safe and that water, if used, would have to be so hot in order to vaporize that it would burn the vapor’s mouth. Sometimes I think they just sit there and make stuff up… but I’m sort of a bulldog when I get a bone, I hang on till I figure it out… So I’m on a quest to find out what medium the medical profession has been using as a vehicle for the medicine they’ve been administering to ‘lung challenged’ people for decades… And, maybe also why and if the mist has been considered a ‘treatment.’


And, if, in fact, nebulizers are mostly water-based, how do they heat the water up to the point where the water vaporizes without burning the patients mouth… and by what means can they get a hand held nebullizer to heat the water up to that point… They must use batteries, but so many vapor elite say that we can’t vape water… and I certainly don’t have the expertise to question that… I mostly just have questions that are looking for answers.


Sometimes Most times I think they just sit there and make stuff up.

Just changed what you said a little lol, Ya I think most are uninformed as to what is going on at all. If they went to a night club back in the 80’s they sure as shit did some vaping on pg from a fog machine.

My understanding is the water isn’t heated at all (are we talking about the same thing? I am talking asthma puffer) “supply the medication as an aerosol created from an aqueous formulation”


Does anyone know if o/c medications for allergies like allegra can affect your sense of taste or smell? Either I have vapor’s tongue, or taking allegra for the last 3 days has really been affecting my vaping experience.


Many probably already know this, but to those like me who didn’t, here’s what I found out…

The difference between a nebulizer and a vaporizer is the nebulizer converts liquid into a fine spray of aerosols, by means of oxygen, compressed air, or ultrasonic vibration; while a vaporizer uses a heating element to vaporize a liquid.

…Both result in producing a fine mist.

A nebulizer’s common use is for the treatment of lung problems. Fairly standard among the types of medication added to the liquid to be converted to mist is Albuterol sulfate. It’s a powder that is soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. The powder is dispersed in a liquid medium (I assume water but couldn’t find where it was stated specifically as such) of sodium chloride to adjust isotonicity, sulfuric acid to adjust the pH, and a suspension of ethanol and oleic acid.

A standard treatment for decade for those with breathing problems is the use of the cool mist (usually with the addition of a medicine, herbal or pharmaceutical).

So, no problem with the breathing-in-of-mist part, what’s left is the discussion of whether PG/VG/water poses any more of a concern than sodium chloride/sulfuric acid/ethanol/oleic acid/water… And if so, (and that seems a stretch to me) to what reasonable degree?


While I was in the ‘researchy’ mode :), decided to look this up and this is what I found…

Allegra and Loss of taste - from FDA reports


Loss of taste is found among people who take Allegra, especially for people who are female, 60+ old , have been taking the drug for < 1 month, also take medication Synthroid, and have High blood pressure. This review analyzes which people have Loss of taste with Allegra. It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 39,866 people who have side effects when taking Allegra from FDA, and is updated regularly.

What to expect?

If you take Allegra and have Loss of taste, find out what symptoms you could have in 1 year or longer.

You are not alone!

Join a support group for people who take Allegra and have Loss of taste

Personalized health information

On eHealthMe you can find out what patients like me (same gender, age) reported their drugs and conditions on FDA since 1977. Our tools are simple to use, anonymous and free. Start now >>>

On Feb, 23, 2017

39,866 people reported to have side effects when taking Allegra.
Among them, 370 people (0.93%) have Loss Of Taste

Wow!! I’m really hoping this is just a temporary side affect for you… No reason to think it isn’t yet…


thank you for finding that!


No problem, just sorry it’s not great news. But, on the other hand, you can choose to stop taking it now that you know… Best of luck



I don’t have allergies, but in my “addons” mixing kit I use sterile Saline .9. Don’t use it a lot, but it can make certain things pop, used in very small quantities. Is rated to inhalation (probably not vaping LOL)…


Sittin’ here with another headache (just popped another couple Exedrin), a sore tongue and a thickish feeling coating my mouth. It’s all my own fault… Sometimes it’s hell being as cheap as I am… Ha!

Planning on doing some changing up though. Relatively new vaper, I’ve had a few ups and downs with unpleasant side effects over the last couple months trying to work these training wheels off.

I’ve done a lot of research on vaping in general and a few things in specific and am convinced there’s a way if I want to put the effort in. I just need to adjust certain elements, i.e. VG only (I’m sure I have a sensitivity to PG now), adjust my SMOK epipe to ‘soft’ and 13-20 watts (warm vapor isn’t pleasant to me) and I don’t need the nic, so I’m eliminating it (will probably introduce a touch of something sweet to make up for it).

I was given several bottles of ejuice by kind folks when I first started. Problem is, I keep trying to use them (to save a buck) even though most of them are anywhere from 50/50 to 70/30 VG/PG with from 3 mg to 12 mg of nic… I have to stop using from that grab bag! …

Something else I plan is to mix my own base of 70/30 with 70% VG and a 30% mixture of (5% NS, 15% H2O 10% melon flavoring). When I get the base right and stop having any kind of reaction, I’ll start fussing around with trying to get some more flavor in there.

I’m thinking that sensitive types like me {ha - but sort of true :wink: } have to be especially particular and dogged about what they vape. Otherwise, you miss out on a sweet experience and add to the rhetoric of those trying to kill the industry. Just a thought…



You get sterile (the sinus saline) for sinus, right next to the Benadryl at Walgreens. Lay on your back and shoot it up your nose. Your sinuses fill up, you feel like you are getting water boarded, you sit up and it all drains out of your nose. It hurts and stings but after two hours the sting settles down, the saline (salt) has sterilized your sinus and gotten those awful mean little pokey pollen out and you feel better than you would had you used steroid shooters and antibiotics. If you already have a sinus infection it will hurt, like hurt hurt but the salt sterilizes it.

My allergies started when I was 28, I’m allergic to tree pollen. I was the most miserable human on earth for years… this works and it works cheap.


Funny you mention this, Husband just pulled out the Netti pot (it’s for washing out your sinuses you can pick one up at Walmart’s or most any health store) because the pollen is so awful right now. Thinking about getting one for myself. I know it works for him…


I already put this in ‘Sharing New Recipes’ but since this topic is what started this idea, thought I’d tack it onto my first post for those who are in to ‘playing’ with de formulas… Ha, who am I kidding? … You’re all a bunch of mad scientist types :laughing:

Experiment #1: incorporating NS and water into base.

Using calculator: PG = NS / Water = distilled water.

Immediate Results:
3/29/17 - Epipe set to soft; increased watts to 22.5; nice, soft white billows; barely tepid tempt; No leaking, so far.

VG 61%
Normal Saline 18%
Distilled H2O 15%

Peach (LA) 1%
Watermelon (LA) 5%


I saw those sinus doctors for years. Twice a year I was in a doctors office in agony. This is the only thing that ever gave me relief in less than 24 hours. If you start using the sterile saline right away when the problems start you wont need to use all that other junk and those $#^%#@#$ doctors never told me!

When I think of all the $$#%^$# thousands of dollars I spent… GRRRRRR.


I understand your pain… Such an old, straight-forward solution, like so many other home remedies. Where are all of the ‘old wives’ with their healing remedies when you need them, right?


I’m here! :wave: :snake: :rat:


We just must not be paying attention! :laughing:


I am more old than wife but…but old wife I am as well.


Since ‘witch’ wasn’t an option I go for old wife lol


Witch is always an option :wink: