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What about vaping for medicinal benefits?


Vicks has a product (holding in my hand) that has 6.2% Camphor listed as the main ingredient. Instructions on the bottle say to add to my bedside cool-air vaporizer to aid as cough suppressant. I breath this stuff all night whenever I get head or chest congestion from a cold or allergies. It also says for steam inhalation, not to ingest by mouth. I’m still contemplating whether ‘inhaling’ a tiny bit of camphor or possibly even just menthol would actually ‘benefit’ my chest congestion and NOT make it worse…


There are lots of threads on making your own menthol for vape purposes:


Only you and your lungs can decide whether or not menthol in a vape is good for you.

Now… I know you didn’t out and out say you were thinking about vaping camphor; rather, you used the word “inhaling”. This worries me a great deal. I would NOT suggest vaping anything containing camphor to aid in lung congestion relief. For your lung safety, please stick to adding products containing camphor to a standard whole room type vaporizer:

1 tablespoon of camphor product per 1 quart of H2O.

Hope this helps! :wink: