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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



Funny, I posted that to @SessionDrummer in his Steam Crave thread not too long ago. Good one though! And here I thought Bananarama was the only group to do that song…


My nephew, Lee



Ah, Pink Floyd… What an enigma… A band that has released some of the greatest rock music ever recorded, and some of the worst as well!


I like their eatly stuff best. I don’t mean _just_before Syd left the band. I think “Meddle” is maybe their best album (on account of “Echoes” , ofc) and the film Live at Pompeii is freaking awsome. Hmm , so here’s one of my favourite pieces from the film (but it’s sooo hard to choose)

I found “Animals” a big let down: preachy and almost pedestrian :(. They’ve been kinda patchy ever since, and never quite so great, IMO.


I was not a fan for the longest time , wasn’t really impressed until many years later with the release of The Delicate Sound of Thunder. I fell in love with Gilmour’s tone and have since revisited and come to appreciate the band more.


Meddle is one of my faves too… I really like Fearless off that.


Gilmore was known for beiing able to imitate any guitarist’d style. when he joined the band (to stand in for the increasingly unreliable Syd Barrett) they said “play like Syd” , and so he did.

Here’s a song from one of Syd’s subsequent solo abums . Of course, the Floyd all helped out, every which way they could (they never stopped missing him) So here you have _both_Syd and Gilmore playing together in Syd’s slide guitar style. Awsome!


ooh! that’s another favourite of mine from that album!
heck, it came out in 1972. It must have been 1973 when i heard it for the first time. I was 14, and thought I didn’t much like music until I heard some Floyd abums round a mate’s house. I went straight out and bought Meddle. Seemed to me that music sounded like the inside of my own head, and I felt less lonely for discovering it.
Next thing, somebody bought me their two earliest abums for my bithday. And then somebody else (maybe me!) bought me Syd’s two solo albums. All amazing, though you could very much see the cracks in Syd’s solo stuff, ofc :frowning:


1-.Astronomy Domine 00:00
2-.Careful with that Axe, Eugene 8:30
3-.Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 17:20
4-.A Saucerful of Secrets 26:30

Recorded at Mothers, Birmingham & Manchester College of Commerce, June 1969.


Oh man that’s a good one too. I remember the first time I heard that. I’m a little younger than you old guys :grinning:, so it was like 1996…must have been 17. Astronomy Domine blew my mind… I never heard anything like it.


I got to hear it live one time :+1:



Syd wrote that one! He’s more remembered for his whimsical songs now. People forget how much he contributed to the Floyd’s spacey, experimental style.

Ummagumma was another album that my mate had :slight_smile: Couldm’t afford to buy that as well as Meddle, but I remember it really fondly.



I love the way Floyd are now owning this thread. Quick before they get elbowed out. One of the few of the “later” (alright., I mean post Dark Side) Floyd tracks that I really like , performed brilliantly by Gilmore:


This has got to be one of my fave Floyd songs… It’s the most underrated song on Dark Side… At least I never hear anyone talk about it… Even on official documentaries about the album.


My son was born in 1989. So that was probably the first year that he heard that song. He beat you by a little bit! hehe. That said, he was in his teens before he started really appreciating Floyd, and he’s with me in thinking the earlier stuff is best . I bought him the diditally remastered Echoes CD for one if his bitrhdays! :slight_smile:
He’s also a 2nd generation King Crimson fan and…ummm, I’ll shut up about who else X: I wanna keep the run on Floyd going!
Here’s Astronome Domine with Syd for you!


Lol yeah Crimson is another animal entirely. There’s still plenty of Floyd to go around.

This one is amazing too… Really fun to play on guitar. So mellow and a little eerie. Reminds me of driving through the desert on my senior trip in 1997.


The steel guitar at about 5:08 is definitely some of Gilmour’s best…