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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



Just right for a Sunday morning…



Since this thread’s title is “What are you listening to” I thought it was fitting to post a great tune that shares the same title …



Yeah… I would probs go see BABYMETAL if they ever come around. Looks fun and crazy. I’m just glad there’s a WTF day here to post the crazy stuff I listen to. xD


(oops! this wasn’t particularly aimed at you, Mew. I just clicked the wrong button :blush:)



Stumbled across Lucy Dacus while watching one of the Amoeba Record’s “What’s In My Bag?” series(I think it was the one with Kristen Schaal…) and just can’t seem to stop listening.


Anybody from Scotland around?


Oooooh! it’s the male Marilyn Monroe! (referring to the pic)
Sorry, I don’t quite count, cos I’m only half Scottish. And I was born in London.
But here’s a nice Scottish Ballad for you (from the time of the Jacobite Uprising , taking the piss out of George I)

There’s a nice Wikipedia page here, giving translation and history.


Oh ! and here’s another clip of my favourite Scottish blues singer/guitarist :grin: (yeah, the slightest excuse will do)


Actually, i can’t beloeve that John Martyn got only one " like" last time i posted him , And that was from @SessionDrummer , who likes 'most eveything.
So… Hey! I’m just gonna go on and on posting JM until he gets more likes…or until somebody begs me to stop.

(written for Nick Drake)

And a fun one "for schizophenics everywhere " :


EPIC cover inbound!


Late entry for WTF Wednesday: Kind of a mix of ELO, Red Fang and the Moonies(Or some other generic 70’s psychedelic cult of your choosing)


Late here too so WTF?


Clowns creep me right the hell out-Good Job!




@Suomynona You just reminded me of …