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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



I love Album! In fact, this CD is currently stuck in the stereo of my truck. Nothing like a little Johnny Lydon to soothe the nerves when you’re trying to limp your busted ride back to home base. Good Stuff!


Niiiiice @paingawd. Good music is a must for any kind of road trip… long or limping. xD


My 2 favorite Dire Straits albums. Got the Love over Gold when i was 13 years old… still listening to it after 35 years.
Private investigations was also one of my speaker test reference tracks. The CD was AAD recorded if i remember correctly, very warm but still very precise. Not compressed to death and a huge dynamic range. Sorts out the bad speakers without a doubt :smiley:


Classic 80’s tune done on 30’s-only instruments? HELL YEAH!


I’ve been saving this for WTF Wednesday:
Michael Clarke’s dance troupe with the Fall:

And another (but dancing to a recording here, it seems)


Can you say WTF and I love it in the same breath???


@robin , might be something you like :smile:


Respect South Africa!


Always preferred this track myself(Although “I Fink” is still dope as hell!)



Cool song but that guy looks creapy AF. lol
I would have reaaly liked this song back in my “partying psychodelics days” :wink:


Australian Reggae :heart::heart::heart:




Needed some good music to soothe the screaming nerves in the neck. What better than 'Ryche?


Monday Mournin Reload


that thumbnail is just screaming …ooooooOOOOooo


Listen to this and then read the spoiler This was composed by an AI from 2009


Like that program i read about that could predict hit songs? It could compose one too?