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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


Different programs entirely - that one you read about recognized similar trends in existing hits in new songs. It would be entirely incapable of writing music. Also - algorithms like that have likely done real damage to the quality of mass produced music and Emily did not, it wrote some beautiful pieces that can only be considered a net gain for humanity, in my eyes.

The short story is that David Cope fed an algorithm a whole bunch of Bach and it learned to write more Bach (this was called EMI). He then destroyed it and kept working after that producing something less specific, and thus, Emily.

I wonder what he’s up to lately - but I’m kinda crap at google-stalking and he hasn’t gotten any major news since he released Emily’s album. It’s kinda a bummer - this dude is a major stone for the history of AI music (and composition, generally) when it comes to start really writing that in a decade or two, and there’s far too high of a chance he’ll be largely forgotten.

But people really hated EMI, especially after it passed a musical Turing test.

DeepMind has gotten started on music now, too. What they’ve shown of it so far isn’t very good at all - but the thing to remember is that EMI and Emily just wrote the music, a human or midi player had to actually play it. DeepMind is building the actual performance of music, not writing it - it can better be thought of as a specific kind of ‘singing’ than any kind of ‘writing’. Will be interesting to see where it goes with that - but oh man, from what I’ve seen, the musicians are PISSED.




I blame @Brunkezz for this-After listening to his excellent post above, I fell into an EDM hole that started melodious but eventually devolved into technoindustrial grunge. So it was, so it is.

Not a bad way to spend a day…



Whatever happened to this band that kept producing hit after hit after hit after hit?


Night moves
She’s not there
How many more times
A little help from my friends

This weeks homework assignment.



Night moves- Bob Seger https://youtu.be/GpXci8CXA74
She’s not there-Zombies https://youtu.be/it68QbUWVPM
Europa-Santana https://youtu.be/TCAeDIF2svc
How many more times-Zepplin https://youtu.be/wEPog_WdPE4
A little help from my friends-Beatles https://youtu.be/2lYudapfHlw


Well thank you my friend! Now it’s just listening to them and playing them oh maybe about 1000 times, lol.


There was a big rift between Amy(lead singer) and the lead guitarist(They had dated if my memory serves). He left the band, she got Swollen Head Syndrome and the band disintegrated. She’s done some solo work, but it doesn’t have anywhere near the punch that the Evanescence work held. The last thing I saw from her was a cover of Stairway(???Really? All of the songs from Zep that are MILES better, and THAT’S the one you cover? Can you say dead horse?)

I’ve been a big admirer of her voice and most of her work, but the more recent stuff just lacks. So, Much.


This has always been one of my favorite pieces that Amy Lee’s done-


Broken’s one of my fav Seether songs. Amy dated lead singer Shaun, but after it ended she wrote this song about him. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Shaun Morgan’s response to Amy Lee’s "Call Me When You’re Sober


Amy Lee is one of those singers that I’ve tried to like, because friends like her, but sadly, for some reason she just leaves me cold.
FWIW, I like Shaun’s response a lot better!
Now should I like it or not like ir? Aw heck, i’ll like it as an interesting post . Costs nothing! Just don’t read that as an endorsement of Amy :rofl:


Current ear worms:

Stumbled across Tessa’s videos while in the midst of a 5 Finger Death Punch hole(YouTube’s algorithms have been on an acid trip lately…), and I keep wandering back to her work. Indie Pop has got it’s hooks in me again, I guess…


Seether frontman was definitely the bigger person in that situation. The day her song hit the airwaves he had already checked himself into rehab. He claims to still love her.She won’t have anything to do with him. I’m guessin there’s more to it than just substance abuse but was definitely a bitch move on her part to put that song out there.
Never saw her live. Seether was good tho. I Iike his grungy style. Here’s another he wrote after his brother commited suicide. :cry:


I Just cant get enough of this song. :heart::heart::heart::heart:



Maybe this has been posted before, and I missed it. Maybe i posted it myself, and forgot! But can’t see it here. And surely no vaping forum is complete without this song?


Reminds me of the situation Fleetwood Mac were in when they made the album, Rumours. The band had two couples playing in it, both those relationships were on the rocks and Fleetwood, too, was breaking up with his wife. The tensions were extreme, but they clung together (as a band) because they were finally beginning to hit the big time. Nearly all the songs form a dialogue between the wounded parties. People not only had to listen to what what their ex- partner thought and felt about them, but had to play along with it on stage!

Yet what emerged from that cauldron was a true work of art, and and absolute classic. Whereas Amy’s song is just a low-blow, like you say, with no particular merit, IMO.

I’m pretty sure it’s been posted before, but can’t resist re-posting my favourite song from Rumours now. It’s not just a bitch, far from it: the sadness is haunting, the underlying longing for what couldn’t be is palpable.

40 years on, I still find it immensely moving