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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



Wow. OK, now I get a glimpse at why Genesis was so big. I never got into them when they were at the top of every station’s playlist-To be blunt, I found the lyrics to be a bit hackneyed and cliche. Maybe if I’d heard some of the less-played songs(This one probably never got any airtime due to it’s length) I’d have been a bit more open to actually listening. Thanks for the eye opener!


You’re very, very welcome ! I think what you’re probably looking at is the huge difference between early Genesis and later Genesis, and also the fact that their style just didn’t fit the three-minute-popsong format . They were always an “album.band” primarily.

Gotta admit, I lost interst in the band around the back end of the seventies. It was as if their creative energy dried up. (along with that of most of the Englsh prog rock bands, as it happened.) A lot of people blame that on Peter Gabriel’s departure, but hey! “Trick of the Tail” was recorded after Gabriels departure, and I find that awesome. (That said, many others disagree, and draw a very firm line at their previous album)

Well, whatever happened, the band just went on getting bigger and bigger, nevertheless! but with a radical change of fanbase,. Most of their present day fans have never heard any of their early stuff, it seems. And most of their older fans just lost interest, like myself.

I naturally brought my son up as an Early Genesis enthusiast, of course. :grin: And it was intersting to see how gobsmacked his mates werewhen he played them some early Genesis …very much like yourself!

Here are a couple more of my favourite tracks from their heyday: (Apologies if I’m repeating any previous postings. It’s reall hard to scroll back and check in this thread! Whenever I try it, I accidentally set five or six songs playing simultaneously :rofl: )

And another awesome slightly post-Gabriel track (though my son would disagrees, cos I accidentally brought him up to be a draw -the-line-at Gabriel’s departure purist! Damned kid has a mind of his own! :rofl: …and i love him for it, ofc )



Still loving this. Not a chart topper and not the newest doing the rounds but love this one.

Added link. Dont know how to add videos like the others have. :thinking:


Agree the brokenness between them really worked while creating that album. Years later to see them come back together for a reunion tour, it’s obvious that some of those feelings still resonate. Love how Stevie sings directly to Lindsey towards the end of this song…brilliant.


Somebody say Genesis ?? !!!



It’s Wed so here you go… great song. WTF video :thinking:


Nothing new or awesome but I can never get enough of Pink Floyd


Oddly enough, I thought that I’d posted a Tool video yesterday for WTF Weds, but apparently I hadn’t(Sleep deprivation is a nasty thing) Great minds, I guess…?


This women can Sang !!! Listen to the whole song.



The whole damn show is gold(If you’re into Pearl Jam, that is) but the ultimate nugget is the version of Jeremy-jump to 19:31 if you want to skip ahead.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uin5LDFr1SE love most everything this band does,






Great song, this is my favourite version


This is my favorite Neil Young tune :slight_smile: