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What are your favorite strawberry combinations?


Hello all. First time posting but I’ve been lurking for a while. I struggle finding strawberry flavors that I like, odd considering I like all things strawberry. I’ve tried different combinations of Tfa Ripe, Cap Sweet Strawberry, Inw Shisha Strawberry and Fa Strawberry. What’s everybody’s go to Strawberry combo?


I prefer INW Shisha Strawberry with FA Red Touch Strawberry or FA Forest Fruit with a touch of Shisha.


1st Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors)

2nd (Flavor Base) Strawberry New


What I just mixed up… WIP
Hoping I didn’t overdue the Real Flavors SC in this…

Strawberry Kiwi V3
5.00% Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA)
3.50% Kiwi (FA)
2.50% Kiwi (FW)
2.00% Strawberry (SC) (RF)
1.00% Ethyl Maltol (PG)
0.50% MTS Vape Wizard (FA)


Ooh you may have just a touch time and taste will tell. I find that even with an over shoot of RF it is still good so I wouldnt worry about it .


Is the SC line at Bull City Flavors the same as Real Flavors Super Concentrates?


No. Those are made in China and a different brand all together.


They are totally 2 different brands. RF SC was RF Raw Extracts and they changed it to SC. I thought at that time there would be some confusion with the 2 brands.


Gremlin carries RF SC?


Yes, Gremlin DIY does.


Walmart.com and RealFlavors.com… They are also available in the UK now.

EDIT: I didn’t know Gremlin carried them… Learn something new everyday.


I don’t think Gremlin carries the SC. I think they only have the VG versions. Maybe when Real Flavors discontinues VG Gremlin will pick up the Super Concentrates.

@Gremlin_Juice << any info?


I just checked Gremlin and I’m wondering if those are the VG versions? I saw no mention of SC.


Good catch.


Everything I’ve bought from them recently has been the VG versions.


(tpa) strawberry from 4 to 5% mixed with (INW) strawberry shisha from 1.5 to 2%. %s can need more depending on recipe flavors.


@ecigexpress is now carrying Real Flavors SC line as well


I just went to @ecigexpress to check their prices and selection…
Reg. Price $3.99 for 10 mls. SPECIAL PRICE: $2.99… That’s $8.97 for the same 30 mls you get at RF.com for $6.95.

They only have 10 flavors also.


wow i know they were only selling a few but you would think they would be on par


I haven’t made a good one yet still looking for that one strawberry recipe that I like