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What Concentrates Have You Bought Today?


Chance to be nosey, and see what concentrates people are buying

Ordered Today (some to mix for others)

Hangsen Italian Cream
Hangsen Ry4 (50ml)
TPA Strawberry
TPA Pancake
TPA Peanut Butter
Inawera DNB
Cap Funnel Cake
Cap Golden Butter
CAP Pink Lemonade
FA Torrone
FA RY4 Legend (50ml)
FA Yoghurt
Liquid barn Pineapple Sherbert
Lubrisolve Tobacco Blend
Lubrisolve Strawberry Cheesecake
FW Double Mint (100ml)
FW Vanilla Butternut Squash


The postman just gave me

Peppermint (TPA)
Citrus Punch (TPA)
Guava (TPA)
DX Peanut Butter (TPA)
Honeydew (TFA)
Whipped Cream (TPA)
Dragonfruit (TPA)
Strawberry (TPA)
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
Vanilla Cupcake v2 (Cap)
Hazelnut (FW)
Butter Pecan (FW)
Sweet Cream (FW)

and a free bottle of vanillin10 (TPA)


I see a Bust-A-Nut in the near future…


haha, I will be making a variant of it myself with some substitutions this weekend after my new flavors get here friday:

Real Flavors - Banana Bread - 30 ml
One Stop Blends - RJ4 - 30mL
Capella - French Vanilla V2 - 30mL
Capella - New York Cheesecake v2 - 30mL
Flavor Apprentice - DX Sweet Cream -30mL
LorAnn Super Strength - Cream Cheese Icing - 1 oz
Flavor West - Butter Pecan - 30mL
Flavor Apprentice - Hazelnut Praline - 30mL
Real Flavors - Samoa Cookie Type - 15 ml


I keep AT LEAST two 8oz bottles of @Alisa Bust-A-Nut and Hazelnut Cake aging all the time, and in 5 tanks/attys, on mods, all day, every day…in regular rotation. [Hi, my name is Ozo, and I am an addict]


just made 50ml of it , smells awesome cant wait to try it :smiley:


I suggest making another 50ml and put it away for a month…
It’s good after 3 days IIRC…but it is awesome after a month, and the only way I’ve had it for a long time.


I’m really looking forward to trying these NET’s :yum:
I see I’ve been pretty conservative with my order, just two :grinning:


Ok, so you do know 99.9% of Americans would rather have their fingernails pulled out one by before coffee, rather than learn a second language :smirk: I can’t read the descriptions! Damn it! :tired_face:

For NooN, I get:

(Whisky dipped cigar)

For BLISS, I get:

(Knock you out, smokey pipe tobacco)

…how’d I do? :thinking:


If opening link in Google Chrome right click on page and select translate to English (no option for American though) :slight_smile:


www.translategoogle.com, how’d you think I did it?

I don’t speak Danish either :sweat:


I’m restocking a few that I’m out of or almost out of:
Fuji FA
Sweet strawberry CAP
Strawberry ripe TPA
Bubblegum TPA

And trying a couple new ones:
Kiwi double TPA
Sugar cookie CAP

There are probably at least fifty more on my list, but this was how much I could afford with my vape budget this week. Lol


I’m giving the RF extracts a whirl.

Cookies & Cream
Blue Raspberry
Cinnamon Roll
Sugar Cookie
Pink Burst Candy
Mountain Juice
Blood Orange


it’s incredible, I have 350ml locked away…well it was 350ml…:disappointed:


Sugar Cookie CAP…score!..love the stuff


I need to start getting more bakery flavors. I basically just have fruits, creams, and booze right now. I figured sugar cookie is a popular flavor so I started there. :cookie:


booze you say…I’m literally shocked…:neutral_face:

lol :wink:


I know, right?!


Jeg er ikke sikker på , hvilken side af hegnet enten du er på i dette øjeblik … men hvis du har postet før at have din cappuccino , så jeg forstår . Jeg er nu ud for at se guiden , den vidunderlige Troldmanden fra koffein .


Ik sta altijd aan de goeie kant van het hek. Toevallig is het gras aan mijn kant van het hek altijd groener dan bij een ander.
Heb je wel eens geprobeerd om een whiskey sigaar in je cappuccino the dopen? Schijnt de caffeine een extra kick te geven. :coffee:

Bedoel je deze? :coffin: