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What Concentrates Have You Bought Today?


Ikke en whisky cigar , men en sort kirsebær cognac cigar

Ja , det meste af dagen , det er hvad jeg har.

Det er den boks, der kalder mit navn for det, jeg har gjort i livet så længe, ​​men jeg vil ikke se en indefra … jeg vil brænde til aske , og leve i en krukke , indtil nogen bryder det.


My German got in the way
Koffein = caffeine


got em

Will be making testers of the RJ4, Banana Bread and Samoa Cookie tonight if I have enough clean 30ml bottles, then will be making a variant or two of bust-a-nut this weekend once I get some more bottles washed. I need to work on vaping some of my tester bottles as I am almost out of empty tester bottles and have 15+ testers steeping.


You need to get your ass in gear then, eh?


Don’t worry dear, I’ll break it for you :grinning:


Ordered a few Medicine Flower extracts , Ordered the White , Light, and Dark Chocolate , Coconut , Almond,Cinnamon, and Walnut.:grinning:
I have the Vanilla , Butterscotch , and Caramel and have been pleased with them so far with the exception of the price and the long steep times!:disappointed_relieved:


Are the steep times akin to Real flavors? coz…you know…wow! :weary:


With Medicine Flower I try and give them 1 month minimum but with the ones I have I can tell they are even better after 2 months.


bout the same then (yawn)


I could see that being a problem if selling , but steeping is never a problem if you make larger batches.I have grown accustom to it as I always have at least 6 custards steeping.I make them in 120-240 ml batches so it isn’t much of an issue for me unless I am wanting to try a new flavor.


well that’s the thing isn’t it, The recipes I use the most that I know will always be wanted by me and the people I sell to I make 100ml bottles constantly but the new recipes that I get excited to try are always 30ml testers, I’ve got like 6 or 7 that I made when I got my first Real Flavours haul, they’re taking forever dude seriously, I mean I was expecting it with them being VG but I’m an impatient sob lol.
I’m going to up my constants to 500ml though I think as word is spreading coupled with more people closer to me giving up the stinkys so on the odd occasion I have had to let some go that really would of benefited from another week in the box :disappointed:


Here are the flavors I bought since 8-16-16…157 in total…with another 12 coming from Real Flavors next week. To see full list click on the pic then click on the next pic
I use to mix a little a few years ago and decided that I wanted to get back into it …but this time take it more seriously. I know that flavors have a shelf life and this may be overkill atm, but I just don’t want to be ready to mix something up and not have the right flavor or something close…and anyway I am a Junkie…lol


Nice work @VapnJunkie , I wish now I had started off with the purchase dates such as you have done .I really would be nice if every manufacturer had a born on date so we could get an idea of flavor shelf life.


The essentials, the standards that are required for backup, so I never get low. 2oz minimum per flavoring, and of course, from @Nicotine_River…even though they have raised the price on the 2oz at my dismay.


Thanks BoyHowdy, if you still have your receipts (I keep all mine in a ecig folder) then you can go back and add the dates. just a suggestion.
To me dates are somewhat important, this way I know what flavors I am using and how fast…also if a flavor goes bad after a while I can see when I purchased it and from who.
As you can see in my pic I keep each purchase separate, even if they are from the same re-seller, ie. LA Banana Cream…I have a 8ml and a 30ml…once the 8ml is completely empty then I will delete it from the list.

I agree…re-sellers need to start putting “born on date” or “good before date”…I just had this conversation with Wizard Labs about this and other issues…how does the consumer know how long it’s been on their shelf if there is no date. Some flavors are not that popular and I am sure Wizard Labs doesn’t bottle it as the orders come in. Heck, a non-popular flavor could be on their shelf for 6 months or longer.
I also don’t like how Wizard Labs doesn’t provide droppers and their flavors are not sealed…what if some disgruntle employee tampered with a flavor? I am not buying from them again until they change their standards…maybe I should start a post about this.


Just placed an order for some little 8ml samples from wizard labs:

Bahraini Apple Gold INA
Bavarian Cream TFA
Biscuit INA
Butter Cream CAP
Butter Rum LA
Cream Cheese Icing LA
Double Apple CAP
Green Apple CAP
Two Apples INA
Pumpkin TFA

They didn’t have everything I wanted, but I should be good to go for a couple projects! Gonna work on my pure apple mix, caramel sauce, and hopefully come up with a pumpkin cheesecake. :yum:


New York Cheesecake (Cap)
Caramel Candy (TPA)
Cheesecake Graham Crust (TPA)
Orange Cream (TPA)
Raspberry Sweet (TPA)
Hawaiian Limeade (FW)
Cured Tobacco (FLV)
Peanut Butter (FLV)
Pineapple Sherbet (LB)
Pistachio (Real Flavours)
G’s Custard (FlavorMonks)

Mostly top-ups but 5 new flavours to me


Lates ones I’ve got in [this week]

Inw Coffee [Kawa]
Inw Cherimoya
Inw Cocopilada
Inw Banana
Inw Blackcurrant
TFA Bavarian cream
TFA Sweetener
TFA Peppermint
TFA Creme de menthe
TFA Koolada
FW Menthol
TFA Juicy peach
TFA Mango

Some new, some top ups, some for friend’s mixes


Were do you get lubrisolve


http://www.lubrisolve.com/ :+1: