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What Concentrates Have You Bought Today?


I’ve got the Bust-a-nut’s coming my way :chestnut:


They’re on my shopping list for next order :smiley:


Mine have been waiting at the post office for me to collect tomorrow.
Thanks @Alisa


mixed half a litre the other day, I actually managed to get the last 250ml to last a month…and they said I couldn’t do it :grin:


So now I’m actually ordering because I can’t wait any longer to try bust a nuts!

And on a side note do I actually neeeeeed CAP funnel cake/inawera milk choc/RF bread pudding? :roll_eyes:


Naaah… But thats just me :grin:


I succumbed to the inw milk chocolate but managed to delete the other two…for now! :smile:


I think that would’ve been my choice also, lol, good thinking :+1:


half a liter? guess I don’t need to bother with a 20ml tester like normal for that recipe before making a 120 or 240ml batch eh? I don’t have the Hazelnut FW so I was going to substitute Hazelnut Praline TFA so thought I should test it first.

I am planning to mix it (and the v2 of it) this weekend. I would have done it today but I was busy mixing for other people and trying to get some work done but mixing took more time than I thought it would.


Yeah I need to stop running out lol can’t get enough of it, can’t see me getting bored of it anytime soon man lol


Postman dropped me something today but I ain’t talking… :yum:


Flavorah flavoring: cupcake batter
Cinnamon crunch
Fried dough
Cookie dough
Vanilla pudding
The fried bread dough smells like nasty dark beer or brewers yeast all the rest smell correct



That bread dough is dark too!! Jeez


Made 120ml variant (replaced FW Hazelnut with TFA Hazelnut Praline) of it today and took 10ml out after hitting it with the badger and wow, I am in love. Going great with my bourbon tonight. I will be sure to stock up on the proper ingredients next time I place a flavor order… just noticed FW Hazelnut has Acetoin so I guess I will go with DX Hazelnut instead of the Hazelnut Praline version next time as I try and avoid the baddies whenever possible.


Blackberry Flavor-15ml

Blueberry Flavor (Extra)-15ml

Cheesecake (Graham Crust)-15ml

Coconut Extra Flavor-15ml

Cotton Candy Flavor-15ml

Dragonfruit Flavor-15ml

Dulce de Leche Flavor **-15ml

DX Bavarian Cream-15ml

DX Peach (Juicy) Flavor-15ml

DX Sweet Cream Flavor-15ml

DX Vanilla Cupcake-15ml

French Vanilla Deluxe Flavor-15ml

Kiwi (Double) Flavor-15ml

Mango Flavor-15ml

Pineapple Juicy Flavor-15ml

Ripe Banana Flavor **-15ml

Strawberry (Ripe) Flavor-15ml

Vanilla Custard Flavor-15ml


Wowsers! Epic purchase :ok_hand:


And there’s still more I want to get :grin:


I just i ordered these flavors today
Red Licorice
Capella Bubblegum
Flavor West Yellow Cake
Funnel Cake


Have only restocked flavorings for a long time now. But yesterday I recieved
some NEW flavorings I finally broke down and purchased to try and cram
in my full cabinet! lol

MF/Lotus Pear
Capella Double Apple
Capella Juicy Peach
Capella Simply Vanilla
ECX Tobacco Absolute 50%
ECX Mile Seven
FlavorArt Whipped Cream
FlavorArt Arctic Menthol
Inawera Tiramisu
TFA Black Honey
TFA Pistachio
Flavor West Butterscotch Ripple