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What Concentrates Have You Bought Today?


Flavor Apprentice Apple Pie
Flavor Apprentice Acetyl Pyrazine 5%1
Flavor West Hazelnut
FlavourArt Watermelon
FlavourArt Papaya
FlavourArt Black Cherry
Flavor Apprentice Blueberry Extra
Flavor Apprentice Cheesecake Graham Crust
Capella Butter Cream
FlavourArt Cantaloupe
Capella Honeydew Melon
Flavor Apprentice Dairy Milk
Flavor Apprentice Blueberry Wild
Flavor Apprentice Brown Sugar


This thread is like tattling on ourselves :slight_smile:

I refuse to post my order on the grounds that I WILL incriminate myself :innocent:


It may or may not have had some Chef’s Flavours I’ve been curious about though…didn’t know there was any to find in the US.


I’m trying some new FLV flavors. These came in the mail today.


Hope they have gone for the more tinned pineapple or over ripened pineapple flavour that the original TPA Pineapple had, rather than the very bland tastes that the Capella and FA versions are.


I went slightly crazy the other day and ordered nearly 1/2 litre of concentrates (well 460ml)

[quote=“From FA I Ordered”]
(FA) Black Cherry 10ml
(FA) Catalan Cream 10ml
(FA) Cookie 10ml
(FA) Cornish Cream Tea 10ml
(FA) Forest Fruits 10ml
(FA) Lemon Sicily 10ml
(FA) Lime Cold Pressed 10ml
(FA) Marshmallow 10ml
(FA) Meringue 10ml
(FA) Nonna’s Cake 10ml
(FA) Vienna Cream 10ml
(FA) Zeppola (Doughnut/Italian Pastry) 10ml[/quote]

[quote=“From Chef’s Flavours”]
(CAP) Butter Cream 30ml
(CAP) Funnel Cake 30ml
(CAP) Vanilla Cupcake 30ml
(INW) Cactus 10ml[/quote]

[quote=“From Rainbow Vapes”]
(CAP) Sugar Cookie 20ml
(CAP) Vanilla Custard 10ml
(TFA) Banana Cream 50ml
(TFA) Malted Milk 50ml
(TFA) Toasted Marshmallow 10ml
(TFA) Dairy Milk 10ml
(TFA) Graham Cracker Clear 10ml
(FW) Hazelnut 10ml
(FW) Blood Orange 10ml
(INW) Dragon Fruit 10ml[/quote]

[quote=“and from Vapable”]
(OOO) Creamy (Milky Underpants) 10ml
(INW) Shisha Strawberry 10ml
(INW) Grape 10ml
(CAP) Lemon Lime 10ml
(TFA) Cinnamon Danish 10ml[/quote]


I like your style!:laughing:


Looking forward to some reviews on those, especially the pumpkin spice and the ginger. :slight_smile:


Nice… I thought I had a nice stash with 67 flavors


which rf flavors did you get? extracts? any feedback on them if they were the super concentrates?


Oooooh RF has new flavors coming when? I believe the highly praised French Vanilla RF SC is one of them :smiley:


Replenished some stocks and bought these flavours listed for the first time

TPA Horchata
TPA Gingerbread (Extra Ginger)
FLV Apple Cider
RF Blackberries & Cream
FA Zeppola
Jungle Flavours Watermelon
Flavormonk Raspberry
Wonder Flavours Orange Juice


Just delivered

Flavor West Butter Pecan

Flavor Apprentice Koolada 10%

Flavor Apprentice Strawberry

Flavor Apprentice Fruit Circles

Flavorah Crunch Cereal

Flavor Apprentice Smooth

Inawera Shisha Strawberry

Inawera Biscuit

FlavourArt Joy

Flavor Apprentice Cheesecake Graham Crust

Flavor Apprentice Toasted Marshmallow

Flavor Apprentice Mandarin Orange

Flavor Apprentice Double Chocolate Clear

Flavor Apprentice Cotton Candy


I’ve been wondering about this one also… I heard people rave about it when it first came out but nothing recently. Maybe it was just being talked about because it was new. I’d kinda like to know if those that did get their hands on it still consider it a great (or good) ingredient.


My bottle of Cream Cheese Icing came in today!:clap:


I just ordered these flavors




Ooh! French toast 2 huh? Please provide detailed findings as soon as poss. :smile:
I tried French toast (Cap) a while back and reached levels of vileness hitherto unknown to man.:poop:


It hasn’t steeped long yet but so far v1 >> v2 for all the RF SC v2’s in that pic. I haven’t tried v1 of the cinnamon roll yet but that should be here this week for testing.


Capella Harvest Berry
FlavourArt Pistachio
Capella Cereal 27