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What Concentrates Have You Bought Today?


I’ve had to order 50ml each of Butter Pecan and Hazelnut to feed my Bust-a-Nut obsession @Alisa !


Just when I think I got enough different flavors now to make most recopies
there’s still flavors I need! Now I need to get the pecan and hazel nut and pecan :confounded:


It never ends, you will always find something new that you wanna try. And of course you don’t have the flavors needed to mix it so you have to order more flavors :laughing:
At least for me it’s a really nice catch 22 LoL


It’s is a never ending battle and can get a little costly but still cheaper than ciarettes
in the long run I guess. But it’s fun too


Like @Fenrir1 said…there is always more to buy. My wish list never ends because by the time I’ve ordered some concentrates I’ve found even more to add to the list lol




Even if it isn’t cheaper then cigarettes it’s hell of a lot healthier at least. At least i haven’t saved any money on this vaping thang i’m on, if anything i have spent more money thus far on it but since i feel so much better i would say it’s totally worth it. :thumbsup:


I absolutely agree with you I smoked since 1 was 17 I’m 62 now I started vaping 11 months ago and I haven’t touched a cigarette since day 1 of vaping I too feel so much better I look at this whole DIY and vaping as a hobby that is healthy and fun
not cheap but worth the money Because I am not smoking anymore which for me is


yup every time I see another recipe I see flavors that I don’t have to make it lol


Black Cigar SC (VZ)
Banana Nut Bread TFA
Amaretto FW
Cinnamon Ceylon
Tuscan Reserve Ultamatum
Tobacco Absolute


No Experience with Lubrisolve. How are their concentrates?


Flavour 1: Cornish Cream Tea
Flavour 2: Maple Syrup
Flavour 3: Nut Mix
Flavour 4: Almond
Flavour 5: Pear
Flavour 6: Brandy



Pourquoi tout le monde a-t-il commencé à parler en danois et en néerlandais? Surtout quand on parle de café italien!


I Love my Funnel Cake, I have gone through loads of it
3 x 10ml bottles before I bought a 30ml


it’s also delish and moreish as a SF


Now you tell me! Re-added to order list…


Only tried the 2, very disappointed with the Strawberry Cheesecake, had that Butyric Acid note to it. Which I am not keen on and the Tobacco Blend was OK, but nothing special.


Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate
Capella Cereal 27
Real Flavors Yogurt Parfait
TFA Belgian Waffle
TFA Cheesecake
TFA Kiwi Double
TFA Vanilla Custard


Capella Super Sweet - 1oz


All Inawera Flavours

Pink Panther 20ml
DNB 10ml
Wild Rose 10ml
Vanilla Shisha 10ml