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What do you really hate?


Whatever you do don’t type “Scoobie Snacks” into Urbandictionary …pretty sure it’s not Valium :sunglasses:


Actually that is one of the definitions


Made ya look :wink:
…I was afraid of any reference to Daphne, Velma, a Great Dane and a cup


No it’s all got to do with the fun stuff, some I’ve never heard but it’s urban dictionary so it’s alway changing to suit whatever someone needs at the time.


Well, I’ve got oxycodone and tramadol on tap.
Pick your poison. :wink:


Yeeesssss!!! Its really not that hard to click the little (i) and see the basic profile of flavors. I personally quite enjoy coming up with names for mixes that aren’t just “strawberries and cream” or “oreo cookie”. Sometimes the names remind me of people or certain days or they just make me laugh. Coming up with quirky names is half the fun!


I hate that @craigtalley and I are alone on this one!


Well played!


Marked all 3 as helpful , and others as not.


Thanks for the heads up! I just checked in there again and up-voted the other two. On the face of it, it’s not a bad thing to distill a year’s worth of knowledge or more into a handy little book for beginners, it’s the fact he took the screen shots and recipes without giving proper credit. If I was to write such a book my readers would get sick of seeing ELR mentioned every few sentences, lol.


everything ordered outside CONUS gets held up at customs. had the same issue with DHL and FED EX. its not the carrier its federal customs and they will open the package and open a bottle or whatever and test it


I refuse to deal with testing flavors I have neither the time or the patience for it


nice ive been in the same industry for 20 plus yrs


My folks did it their whole lives. I was raised with it. Went on to do something entirely different for 45 years but after retiring and finding out I could not just “quit” working, it was something that fit well. Low stress. Visit with some folks when they drop by to shop and do general operations tasks with the owner. We kinda take turns.


isnt that what they give dogs after surgery ???


Well said like a true connoisseur of gourmet vapey stuff. I see that point.


I hate it when people think the know more than the people answering the questions they asked.


No idea. Perhaps someone with a dog could answer.


@fidalgo_vapes, vets use the same meds for animals that docs give to humans. They usually just have different trade names. And you can buy penicillin and other antibiotics from Tractor Supply. So if you’re ever in a pinch, think Zombie apocalypse, you can get meds without a prescription. :flushed:

Tramadol is a Non-opioid that acts as an opioid. It used to be the go-to for lots of docs since it wasn’t a controlled substance. That changed a few years ago and now it’s a schedule IV drug.


I really hate it when people post a recipe and you think you know where they are going with it, but then you take a look at it and the name has nothing to do with the recipe. For example I was looking at this recipe called “Cupcake Porn” and there was no cupcake or porn in it. :triumph: