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What do you really hate?


It’s the way of the world right now. Marketing genius. I have carpet for sale that the color is Misty air on a moon light walk along the beach with the smell of floral bouquet. They damn carpet is grey.


The latest fad is a hyper shag that looks like a science project from the refrigerator. You don’t vacuum it. You feed it and mow it once a week. Acid Trip would be a great color name for that stuff.


Yep, as far as tramadol, it can be the same exact thing.
I have had prescriptions for it and have had them for my dog that were the same exact pill from the same maker, the markings were the same. I have given my dog my tramadol before while waiting for a new appointment to get more from him. The vet said it would be fine when I spoke with her on the phone.

The antibiotics from tractor supply sounds like it could come in useful!


Dog meds are always human meds. Seizure, anitbiotic, pains meds, most time you pick up at regular pharmace, although a few vet stock them as well, usually a lot higher priced


I hate being out of time lately…
I even have a hard time getting on here :sob:
Time is no joke…


I second that! I should actually be in the shower but sacrificed my makeup application time to read here. I am pushing my luck to the last minute this morning. Going to get to work, exactly on time and not a minute earlier. Lol


Amen sister!
I’ve always hated the bullshit premise “if you’re not early, you’re late”.

You’re either getting paid, or you’re not at work.
Simple really.

(Mind you, this only applies to “hourly” situations IMO)


Well i gotten a bit Lucky on that part, having a pc in front of me @ work so i can give it a quick peak somethimes :wink:


So sick and tired of prior authorizations for narcotics!!! :roll_eyes:


You described the Masonry business to the tee!
As Mason, especially an apprentice the Foreman wanted us 30 minutes early to instruct us on our day, who, what, when and where. When I moved up to Journeyman it was 10 early and out at 3:15 early, that was the end of that when I made Foreman. Then it was go to the shop an hour early to get the truck, material and laborers. Then it was the same after work. 10 hours for 8 hours pay. Complain and you got the worse jobs and crappy people. I kept it shut.
As a Project Manager years later it was whatever it took to hit the jobs for progress reports etc… meetings, bid reviews, and all the time it took for the owner to chat if up. The only perk was a company card and truck, and a 15% percent bonus on my wages every six months and a Christmas bonus if my jobs made good profit. This is industry normal for the building trades. Oy vey…


Rain… the outdoor vapers worst enemy


USPS uninformed delivery.

I was so excited to get a package that was due to arrive in the 22nd now it has been stuck at “in transit to its destination” since the 21st with no more scans.
WTF are they doing with my package?


…is a question I’ve never asked. Ah, sorry.

I usually have my troubles with good old USPS. But recently I had a UPS coming (It was the DVD release of the It movie actually). The 8PM due time passed without the package. Later the status changed to “Delayed due to emergency” or something. Next day, It came but the box looked like it went through hell but the movie was fine. The driver said he got in a wreck. First time I’ve seen that.


Boooo. :-1: You need that package!!!


Aye! They’re a buncha “Package Checkers” over there :wink:


Yes, I really, really do! I am about to call them up but I might get snippy and, don’t want them to do anything spiteful so I am afraid to even do that! I can’t trust myself to not giventhem my 2 cents. They know where I live for fucks sake! This is a small town and it would be a bad idea to lay it into them like I would have in S.FL where they probably wouldn’t even remember me if I did.


Yeah, good call. :wink: Don’t do anything to jeopardize future Vape Mail!


All my carriers are super nice and I’ve known them personally for years because I live in a tiny berg too, so I never rag on them. Delays and issues are ALWAYS in the route, not the last mile. I feel sorry for them because they get a lot of crap already; no need for me to pile on especially when it’s not their fault personally.


My mail lady is scary…I wouldn’t dream of crossing her. Lol


I know how these things work because I used to ship and recieve live creatures. One of the reasons I stopped with that hobby is because of the risk to their lives. Inevitably, packages can get lost, opened, sent to the wrong place and kept, or destroyed. When there is a creature or more inside, it is just heart breaking.
My postpeople would get tips and treated very well, but it is all the other postpeople that don’t have a clue that I worry about.