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What do you really hate?


Giving them heck would be a waste of time. They have a herd of people who say “oh sorry” and nice things and that’s all they do. Now serving #24895827345. With USPS there’s always the delay from when the supplier pulls a mailing ID and when USPS physically gets the article but from that point to when it hits my hub they boogie. Now, my hub. It’s Detroit. Those folks smoke dope. Sometimes the packages go to other local offices and get returned to Detroit, sometimes the package just hangs in limbo for awhile. On occasion it slips right through and gets delivered. I guess it’s a function of how good the dope is they are smoking that day.


I hope she doesn’t wear camo when not on the job.


I hope she doesn’t diy her own ejuice and come here and see that I think she scary… :joy:


She may already be here!!!


Noooo!!! I’m more scared now…


Quick! Pull the covers over your head.


Already hiding…


I keep getting new mail carriers which is nice for a more rounded diet.



So why didn’t the picture show? Fail.


Its ok, its clickable. Lmfao





There it is!



Fixed. Embarrassing.


You really need to get your shit together. Seriously.


I know. Some people got it, some people gotta work at it.


Work harder. Fuckin a… You’re letting us all down. :wink:


I’m trying!!!


Ya did better that time! Good job.


Do what I do get your drivers cell number. :wink:


Not a wise move. “Going postal” is not a wives tale!