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What do you really hate?


Well considering I really do have all of my drivers phone numbers, I’m not to worried about it.



Not my fault I know them, remember I’m a plumber, and I’m actually quite sought after.


When i have to go to the bathroom reeeeeaaallly bad and accidentally fart before i sit down.


At least it wasn’t a solid fart


But still, it just hovers right there in my face.


But that’s the best part! Doesn’t it make you hungry?.. or is that just me…


That.is.messed.up. :nauseated_face:


Its the way the sink is shaped that does that I think… :thinking:


@Ken_O_Where you’re shitting in the sink?! :flushed:


You misspelled “sitting”…


You NEVER want to truly know that. =x


You misspelled “shitting”…

  • with torches
  • with pitchforks
  • by a group of laughter
  • by folks who are more full of shit than you are
  • by angry parents
  • by angry wannabe moderators

Eh screw it. That list is too long (and too funny!)


Especially these fruit cakes!


@VapeyMama Don’t feel bad, she delivers to me too !!!


I have had the same happen to the packages I have had on the way this month. I love how it keeps saying in transit to the destination. Well that is true the whole time after it leaves the vendor, but where the hell is it???


It’s in transit to it’s destination. Since the 18th. :rage:

The Geekvape Blitzen that I won from Heaven_gifts came from Shanghai faster! :joy:


ROFL, Amen! That seems to be a contagious syndrome here from time to time.


I can just see you now chasing both the husband and wife around with your plunger hanging out. You should do videos of your service calls.