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What do you really hate?


Yep. I have to say, that while the staff here has a mountain of a job to do, they do an incredible job of it. And in addition, I thank Lars for it.

Things could be drastically different if he was some draconian overlord type, with “an overactive sensitivity meter” or played favorites.

I think as a result, we have a very wide gamut of input and influences. Most are fairly well represented, and fairly well interacting.

It’s human nature for things to go awry once in a while. And I think it shows wisdom to allow for that as well. But… Differences are what makes the world go 'round. :wink:


Can’t agree more. They’ve achieved an amazing balance.


You have no idea what you are talking about.:grinning:


Your right but I really try to act like I know something!


Well call us and you can see what it’s really like!



Tell me, mr plumber, how can I find the sticky side of Teflon tape?


When wrapping Teflon tape around the male pipe it is important to wrap the tape in a clockwise direction.

follow the above direction. then grab and end and pull hard and fast. If it hurts like hell, you found the sticky side :smile::laughing:


I was joking dear. Sorry


I know, i was too!



I have got mediacom here in eastern n.c. and they did the same thing. they also have 1 man covering 6 counties for repair and troubleshooting , also hire outside contractors to fix your stuff if you bitch at them enough, I have been with them since they open the doors.


Very carefully stick it to itself! :wink:


All of @Cutlass92’s Teflon tape is sticky …eventually :thinking:


Not my fault I get my pipe dope everywhere!


I hate Teflon Tape …last time I needed some they only had like a 5-pack (rolls) so I tucked one in each drawer and toolbox and the next time I needed it …couldn’t find a single roll …well it was a couple years later
[shakes fist at f’ing invisible hidey Tape!]
Pretty sure it was the Missss …she probably tried to make a bandage and tossed it out as expired medical tape.


Sure did. I was at work with a very serious mind set coupled with some stress. :neutral_face:


Hope things have chilled out for you.


I really hate finding duplicate flavors in my stash… both unopened.

I hate when I update stash and forget to press save causing the above!

I hate names like yellow cake, that are listed as cake yellow causing duplicates

above allI hate blaming shit on something else, like a data base when it is obviously USER error :flushed:


I hate that I don’t hate this flavor.

Like I thought I would…