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What do you really hate?




@Grubby Oh my! I h ave got to ask… was this a random thought that popped in your head?


The chafing is real.


Im not sure what your saying but I feel offended… :thinking:


LOL, i best not offend!


i just realized i hate my job , after 20plus years in the flooring industry im ready to move on :frowning:


You could go into the ceiling industry and get a different perspective.


LMAO thats funny , you are the first persom to make me laugh today THANK YOU , i am actually thinking of going to school to be a drug counselor its something ive always thought of


You’re welcome. It’s what I do. Grow older, grow more facial hair and think up stupid shit to say that makes people laugh. Counseling people on which drugs they should take is a good thing. Go for it!


isnt there a word for that ??? Doctor right jk ( trying to be funny ) which im not


Ceiling… High… Close enough! :wink: :laughing:


So your leaving your job, I would say your…

“a person who has had long experience in a particular field.”


Or “got in on the ground floor, and stayed there”.


This is also my job (well the facial hair thing isn’t compulsory :rofl:) :tada:


…petal. Seriously @Lolly haven’t you been following along??? :tada:


Sorry petal…my bad :roll_eyes::tada:


i wish i could just leave , however like most i have bills and kids , i go through this every now and then , what i really want to do is start my mobile flooring store , but time and other things that have come up havent permitted it , i have the cube truck and need to work on it , my goal is to start working on it this summer


Google the part in quote marks to see my attempt at levity.


How many people put linoleum down in a Chrysler 300, or Toyota Camry though? :wink:
(just trying to make you laugh again. Hope your day continues to improve)


I bet you’d be surprised at the answer.