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What do you really hate?


Oh I have no doubt. LMAO
Redneck knows no bounds. And ‘poor’ frequently demands “whatever works”. Been there. :laughing:

I also know that it’s usually limited to the Chevette and Escort type range… (yeah, showing my age again)


Hey, I’ve had multiple of both over the years, and Festivas too. And to be honest, those little insects are actually fun to drive. I recall using the passenger door on my Festiva to hang the plastic cupholder on because it was well within arm’s reach. Yeah, I was that guy in the little white Festiva on I-64 going about 45. Sorry, that was max speed.


Could’ve been worse. There’s always the Yugo or the Pacer. :wink:


Had a Pacer, not a Yugo (they wore out too soon to hit the secondary market). And Horizon. And pretty much any little POS you could get for $100 back then.


But the curves on a pacer where to die for. Lol


I leaned on the hood once (may have been a Festiva though too) and shot sparks out from shorting the battery. Aluminum foil POS.


No it wasn’t you just put to much stress on the ultra light body work! They did it to make it faster! :wink:


I guess it was heavy duty aluminum foil, so that’s something.


Clouds for the super blood blue moon. :frowning_face:


I kinda like it, but then again, I hate it. Just got done mixing up 26 One On One flavors for SF testing, wait for two weeks, and THEN get to see what’s what. Lotta little bottles.


Now if we could only find a way to get overpaid for it


I’m still looking for clear skies here in California. And it is a full eclipse to boot.


Yeah, where I am the full eclipse will be below the trees and houses by the time it happens. I was hoping to get some pix of the inflated looking moon rising though. :slightly_frowning_face: Oh well. Maybe in my next life, lol.


I hate that my free LG phone wouldn’t focus on the Blood moon we got here in Southern California this morning. Got up at 4am for the full show. Quite spectacular watching it change phases. Finally dipped below the horizon 30 min before sunup.


I hate that I missed it. It had it all! Moon in perigee (super moon) Blue moon, Blood moon and a total lunar eclipse all in one would have been amazing to see.


Just found out my FIL was diagnosed with lymphoma almost a month ago and never told us about it.


Sorry VM. Hate that stuff too. Aside from what I’ve said earlier, I recall a friend’s story from many years ago. His mother had cancer and was working to fight it off hoping for the best. My friend and the mother decided at that point not to tell the younger brother because they were trying to protect him. Anyway, she fell and broke a bone. The marrow cancer metastasized quickly due to the fracture and she was gone in a matter of a few months. When the little brother found out the older brother knew but kept it secret, they stopped talking. Shame.


That’s heartbreaking. I hate that people feel like they should keep these things secret. We probably wouldn’t have even found out if my husband wouldn’t have had a dream last night of his mom telling him to call his dad. I doubt he’s told anyone at all which just tears me up. I know its becsuse he doesn’t want to be a burden, but he needs support. It just sucks.


Completely. We’ve lost so many friends and family members from cancer.

I will go further in saying that I hate that I never got to hear my maternal grandfather’s voice due to laryngeal cancer. He had a laryngnectomy and had to use one of those robot voice thingies. (Which to an 8 year old is SUPER COOL!!!) Mostly, I hate that all of that wasn’t enough to keep me from starting smoking… at 12. :roll_eyes:

Edit to add: dammit!! Now my eyes are doing this weird leaking thing. Wtf is going on???


Yeah it’s the worst topic ever. I hate to say it but I would probably want to hide it if it was me, too. Being a joy to live with is what I like to be, not a burden. But I know no one would think I was a burden. Here, yes, but not at the house.