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What do you really hate?


Weird… must be going around cuz I’ve got the same issue…


Maybe we could make a juice out of it? :crazy_face:


Ewww? /all the char


It would taste like fa butter…


Just @VapeyMama’s tears… mine, at the moment, are strawberry milk flavored.


@VapeyMama I am very sorry to hear that.


Yep. Some things you just can’t shield folks from. The younger one had a right to know, so he could maximize the time left.

That seems to permeate my family as well unfortunately.


I hate that people tell massive lies in the name of protecting other people. Do they not watch any TV or movies? It NEVER ends well. And lying in general is sucky. That lesson our parents taught us (you’ll get in twice as much trouble if you lie) just so happens to be great advice that some people need to learn to follow.

@VapeyMama I’m so sorry. Cancer, really, truly sucks. I don’t know anyone who has not lost someone to some form of cancer.


That was TW12’s quote BTW :wink:


Nope you’re right. I quoted it from your quote. It’s quote-ception…


Immaculate my dear! :wink: :rofl:


I hate that I’m enjoying this 0 nic tobacco

I hate that I’m out of 100mg nic pg base
I hate that I’m out of 100mg nic vg base

And I hate that I haven’t worked this week…


I really hate it when a customer of mine decides to post an article on Facebook and tag me in it because it says vaping causes cancer. Now it really pisses me off because of the fact that I’ve been working here since October and she hasn’t said anything to me about it and decides to blast me on Facebook. Plus she was here today for about 4 or 5 hours and never said a word.


I’m so sorry.


Hate running out of supplies! I actually get the ‘lost my wallet’ panic feeling when I open the vape safe and realize I forgot to replenish.


Prayers 10 char


I hate it when I put together an awesome order with @BullCityFlavors and i forget to order ry4 hagassen. Lol. Still excited to mix all the other recipies planned.


Literally JUST did this… only @Nicotine_River and with Marshmallow… :roll_eyes: Realized after we unpacked the box and “where’s the marshmallow??? Fuuuuuuuudge.”


Welcome to my world


I did get some ry4HS, though @Chrispdx. Did you get marshmallow?