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What do you really hate?


I got everything else I wanted. Ready for 15 recipes, but really wanted to try some of @Silhouette concepts with ry4 hs. But at least I get to mix one of @VapeyMama ‘s recipes so I can call my self a naughty girl. Lol.


I’m totally referring to you as a naughty girl from here on out. Unless you hate it… in which case I guess I’ll call you…Chris. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please PM your order number and I will get this taken care of for you before 9:00AM Pacific Time :slight_smile:

I apologize for the inconvenience!


No, no, no!!! It was my fault for not ordering it!!! You guys are awesome as always!!! :heart:


I think you miss understood. She totally brain lapsed or Cutlass distracted her.


Phew! :sweat_smile: I thought you meant it was missing!

Glad to hear everything is alright haha let me know if you need anything! :slight_smile:


I really hate when I’m having a fabulous hair day and I have nowhere to go to show it off… :rofl:


Preach it, sister! Oh how many times I’ve said that myself!


I knew you’d understand!


Me too. Kinda. I love it when I wake up and my hair is super awesome and go to the gym. Lol. Today was not one of those days. I looked like I just wrapped up my mug shot. Lol.


Well, my 4 year old just walked up to me and told me I’m pretty… so I guess at least someone got to admire the hair today. Lmao


I hate when I go out to fire up the BBQ and the tank is empty. Go into the garage to get the back up tank, and it’s empty too.


You could always show us… you’ve already showed us those fabulous legs


My #2 guard insures everyday is a great hairdray! :slight_smile:


Been mentioned b4 but I hate washing bottles + test tubes. Just spent hrs washing 125 tubes + caps and still have 30ish 30 ml bottles and a dozen 120ml. to go. :disappointed_relieved:


Eh, its deflated now. And… I might have had too much jack to hold the camera still enough to take a picture…


Thats a good idea! Time to break out the Morgan n coke and take a break! Problem is last time I did that I had to go and delete my posts the next day lol.

Cheers All!

I stand with you on the general point you are making. I know I should let this quote go but… I often wonder why I have watched the world turned upside down with evil being good and vise versa. I guess life now imitates art… Are people even aware of the brainwashing occurring from the simple sitcoms to the joke we call the media?


I hate forgetting what day it is in a long stretch of work shifts and shouting at my kid because she is not ready for school, on a Saturday. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
But I still have to work, for days…


I hate it when I am doing a sit down job and forget to watch my little hose and it squirts between the rim and the seat and soaks down the back of my pants.