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What do you really hate?


Now where is that “confused” reaction emoji???


Think on it for a bit. You’ll get it.


Oh, OK then. LMFAO. Blame the seat!
I guess the seats could use a hose blocker, like on a baby’s seat.


ASSHOLE drivers that cut my husband off on the fwy. Don’t they know that 80,000 lbs
cannot STOP on a dime??? urrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhh

a pic for fun


You could drop in and see @Sprkslfly he is in SL i think


That was taken on our last 2 week trip. Just threw it up for fun. We are actually on I30 in Hope, AR, headed to Trenton, OH.


Ah goin to sparkies may be a little out of the way then :grinning:


Good people donate especially when no one is looking. Anyone who is doing it for the attention is doing it for the wrong reasons. Even Jesus Christ said basically that when you pray in front for all to see, it is virtually no prayer at all.


That was I-55 maybe?


I think so, yup!


Try coiling your hose or bending a kink into it


Blahahahahahahhaa It’s finally over. The week is over. The week from hell. Six days straight in the store with the owner in the hospital with his wife. Every psycho in 5 counties showed up this week at the store. It’s over! Blahahahahahahahhaa


They will be back !


Was that really necessary? Did you really have to remind me? And damit you are right. They were all in the beginning of the sales cycle and no doubt will be back. A few I wouldn’t mind closing. Some, however I would prefer to close the door on.


Doing two perfect takes for a video and having the audio mixing program crash because the licensing dongle routine flaked out. And of course I didn’t save it ahead of time. Think I would learn at some point.


Dying laughing!

Of course I can relate :neutral_face:


Yup, as far back as I can remember that would occasionally happen. You would think a person would get a handle on that in 64 years.


I hate how dark some mixes get over time…


23 month steep…


Yeah, if it had a good resounding flavor after all that time it would be something I’d be telling everyone to do… don’t vape your juice until the 2 year mark… lol
As it is it’s just a shrug of the shoulders, I just dumped it and washed the bottle (of course I tasted it first). I think I was using 10 or 12 mg/ml nic back then.