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What do you really hate?


I hate being sick as hell… i cannot even stare at this screen atm :face_with_thermometer::mask:


I hate freaking idiots who try to turn a day and half tile job into a week long project…

$150 for whole job best for me to go home not worth my time if you want to take a whole week to do a 10 hr job


Hot beer and cold…nacho’s!


That’s known as Beir and NOchos!


I really hate waiting for the mail lady to come with my super mega awesomely cool vape mail.


Thats a love to hate


I really really really hate the noseeum bugs in Florida! I hate them! Hate hate hate! Stop biting me!


Why do people insist on flushing shop towels down the drain… then when it stops the drain up. Insist that they never flush anything other than toilet paper down the drain…

The sewer machine don’t lie… it only reveals the truth…


Only one reason ,some people enjoy being a jerk.


It’s because god hates plumbers and has minions doing his work :wink:


I really hate that the bathtub was winning every battle to get it unstopped.

But I won the war and really enjoy. Listening to the drain suck up the bathtub water as it funneled down the drain…


When I try and read the forum and rewick at the same time. I take a vape from an atty I am rewicking and still have the cap off with a .08 build , yes that will leave a mark.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Now you know why elderly pepole are constantly staring outside :+1: :grinning:


There will be no football on today! At least we have Curling


Starting little fires in the doghouse while testing mods using coils. Not good for test leads and smells bad.


I hate the last day of a 7 day vacation.




The 8th day always gets me…