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What do you really hate?


I hate :cloud_with_rain:


I hate coil/wicking rebuild days. But I do love being able to grab and go when my build has gotten nasty.


But it sure beats…


You packed more then enough juice for the vacation-road trip but then your wife decides another week might be good and your faced with actually buying store juice.


Realizing I allowed myself to run low of Cap V1 Vanilla Custard.


That sux, next time Let your wife pack Your vape juice. And you’ll never run out.
They always seem to pack 3x what they need for a trip…

Over night trip to see a friend

Her luggage

His luggage


Bob …I feel a story. Was it a Vape shop or like a Love’s Truck stop? Picture says it all, but…


Worst juice I ever had, hands down, was a black cherry from a truck stop. I was in a Bob situation, still pretty new to vaping, and didn’t realize that convenience store vape juice was like convenience store sushi. Oh it was like lighter fluid (the juice, not the sushi). It was even worse than the worst DIY mix I’ve made, which says a lot. I paid for it so I still vaped it, but it was more in protest than for enjoyment. Rancid stuff that.


Actually I was in 29 palms and with a big marine base next door I was able to find a real shop and drove past the pair of truck stops. LMAO been there and got the T shirt for truck stop juice.


Wasn’t quite this bad but…


@anon44944642, You had me at " … truck stop"


Watching my new batteries sit in PA for three days. What the hell? Some guy in a hazmat hand carrying them here?


That sux. Well they say laughter is the best medicine…


OMG! That is too much! I’m steeling a copy. Ill be snickering all night.


Thought you might like it


Just a lot. My eyes are watering.


There’s a word for that for that …COWARD


Still, thats quite a setup you got there :sunglasses:


Just use baking soda. It is what my mom made us use for a while. You will understand pure sadness to a higher degree.


I hate the amount of people I see running red lights. Makes me very cautious when starting out when my light turns green.