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What do you really hate?


I really hate getting calls saying they are currently trying to contact me about lowering my credit card rate on my credit card…

Automated system
Press 1 to lower your credit card rate press 2 to decline lowering your credit card rate.

They Answer the phone with

“So you want to lower you credit card rate, we just need to verify your credit card number”

My response

“No , I want to be placed on your do not call list, because I don’t have a credit card.”

The scammer hung up…


I must resist…


I once got the one where the person who had an indian accent said I owed taxes and an officer was going to show up at my door to take me to jail if I didn’t pay up.

I was a stay at home mom for 11 years at that point.

I told them I should have receved a letter long ago like would normally happen. They proceeded to threaten me with incarceration when I asked the guy how much he was making to actually keep this farce up. Then told him where he can insert that information.

Been there with the IRS and they do not have people with an Indian accent calling to threaten people. Sounds more like AT&T to me… And I owed them nothing as well. haha


ATT… Grrrrr Growl. Ogre not like ATT! They don’t call me anymore.


Feel free to tell them where they can stick it!

However, I wish I had At&t where I am now. My internet is outrageous, unreliable, and slow. At least At&t worked when I had it.


I love your diagram, lol. ATT and I have a long history. None of it good. I used to have to deal with their techs in the field a very long time ago. Not the techs fault but they had no training. I met one once to measure line loss and he pointed at his meter and said “something must be bad, it’s pointing in the red”. Poor dude had no idea what he was even holding. Then ATT bought a company I was working for while I was on a medical leave. When I tried to return they had fired me. My last dealing with them was when someone used my credit card which they had hacked and ATT fought with my bank and tried to push through the transaction anyway. Sick bastards.


Sorry that happened to you!

At&t is known for their bad tech support and terrible customer service. However, it really beats Windstream and other smaller and awful companies that seem to have exclusive rights on country areas. If I lived 5 miles in a certain direction, I could save $50, or more a month and have faster internet with At&t. in the city, they knew that I would cancel and go to comcast as soon as their sign on deal was used up and would come through with better rates. Unfortunately, They cant do that in the small, silly, stupid area that I am in now. Even if it is less than 5 minutes away from my service area.

But they do suck!

Fuckemintheearwithalimpdick. They really do suck!


Lol, I think you nailed it. Your conjugation is amazing!!!


Lol. Baking soda was bliss compared to “sand in a can” (aka Py-co-pay)

Used this stuff a time or two as a kid (thanks mom… NOT!) I FIRMLY BELIEVE that the main reason this got your teeth “so clean” was because the shit removed the top layer. Not just food/plaque/etc, but the top layer of enamel. :laughing:


Yikes… I’ll stop complaining!


“Pancreatin! It’s what a Tooth needs!” :grinning:


I like pure vodka I really hate vodka with water.


Watering down vodka with water should be a crime.

When I drank years ago I liked vodka with grapefruit juice.


Cut and polish for teeth :astonished:


Drinking my last Shiner Bock…well , not really … I hate being out of Shiner Bock!


You can dilute it with Guiness! Make a “Half&Half” with half Shiner and half Guiness. My own creation out of necessity one night …slammin’

[back on topic] I hate being out of British Ale!


I have read a sit load of threads tonight and am realizing I have no idea what the majority of them said. Really don’t like that when I thick as a brick. Everything is coming across as incredibly cryptic. It’s like half of the replies are non sequitur to the OP. Is it me or is the herd in the desert really off course tonight?


Trying to decide what to mix tonight , got all these great flavors in my stash …
I hate being in a creative quagmire…:thinking:


How about wanting to mix , but out of nic until next Friday…I really hate that

But next Friday will be good

More nic and more flavors :slight_smile:


It’s because we’re all on drugs :rofl: (the ones that claim otherwise are liars :wink:)