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What do you really hate?


Newsflash (yesterday @ Radio)
Vaping is exactly as harmfull as smoking, and all eyes turned on me like having yet another unsolving debate …
sigh :expressionless:


Only if you’re a Ferengi or Klingon! LMAO


This is gonna be a long one, but i have to vent somewhere…

I hate it that there’s this bi… Lady from my office building that’s fine with people smoking cigarette but always complain with me vaping

I hate it that she went straight to building management to complain that i use drugs on the premises, while all i’m doing was vape

I hate it that the building management call the police per her request without asking me first

I hate it that i have to have to talk to the police about my vaping (i’m glad one of the police vape, and things are cleared quickly)

i hate it that my wife still thinks smoking is better than vaping health wise

I hate it that my wife couldn’t speak english very well, and couldn’t understand a word from pro vaping videos / research

I hate it that when i tried to translated it to her, she would say," yeah, of course you would say that, you just want to keep vaping. I dont trust your translation".

Phew. Today was not my day…


No language needed, have her watch this video…


Just tell her his quote

“Our new review reinforces the finding that vaping is a fraction of the risk of smoking, at least 95% less harmful, and of negligible risk to bystanders. Yet over half of smokers either falsely believe that vaping is as harmful as smoking or just don’t know.” Professor John Newton, Director for Health Improvement at PHE

And give her the link to that article


Thank you for that video. I’ll show her tomorrow.


The thing is, for every pro vaping article, there are a thousand anti vaping articles. She showed me a lot of those articles over the months i vape at my office.

Thank you for the article, though, but i’m worried she’s already hate vaping so much she’s blind to reasons. I’ll still show it to her tomorrow.


I don’t trust studies done in USA that say vaping is bad since most are backed by big tobacco or pharmaceutical. Study begins with a set agenda.

God save the queen, seems the United Kingdom is more interested in public health and safety…

Can only hope the politicians in Washington wis up and take lessons from the United Kingdom… but with less strict regulations on tanks and max nic…


I can’t $ee that happening anytime $oon though.


Me either.

To many politician$ Wanting contribution$ to their political campaign$ . And that’$ a lot of $$$$.



Lmao, Was reading the article and in the middle of the article . I see something about death penalty

But my 2yo plays with high tech toys , but she also colors with crayons.

When riding in truck she watches Disney on iPhone,
When she gets bored she wants to watch Disney on iPhone…
When grandma calls she talks on mommies iPhone.

Right now she trying to fix Olaf. His door broke off.

She gave up and handed it to me and said fix !


This is true. My college kid can’t write by hand for sh–, but he can type (on a keyboard and phone) like his life depended on it. Of course he has no clue how a map works either.


I was thinking about the future of these tech kids. With their many years use of “Auto Correct” technology, should they need to use a pen to sign their own names to a document; will they be able to spell their own name correctly? Hmmm…


Sounds very familiar :sweat_smile:


pffffft “signing documents” is sooo 2021 :no_mouth:

…sometimes it’s feels good to be old :smirk:


My 13 year old submits 99% of his assignments online AT school. Most of his education comes in the form of websites while AT school. His 1% of handwriting is nearly illegible. :joy: I have to laugh, or I’ll cry…


I so hate waiting for vape mail…


What I really hate (well dislike a lot I should say) is when you click on a YouTube to research a coil build or a review on some mod or tank and the uploader ALWAYS has to show you how good he is at chuckin’ big cloudz!

Geez that irritates me no end. Yeah, we all know how cool you are and how you have the best piece of kit and you’re trying to be like RIP Tripper but seriously, I don’t need to know! More of a case of “Look at me! Look at me! How cool am I?” Not interested dude. Yeah, chuck cloudz by all means if it’s relevant to the video but not always at the start just to show off. Just my 2c.

There, that feels better now that I’ve got that off my chest. :grinning: Peace!


Don’t leave out obnoxious intro music and catch-phrases too.