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What do you really hate?


Hey Vern

I guess catch phrases could be annoying.



I have my own drinking game with one reviewer (i don’t mind him) but if i drink every time he says ‘basically’ I can’t see the screen by the end of the video


“So Mike, what are your thoughts…” really gets under my skin


Some ass hat named VGOD and his Yellow Brand Protection punk ass girlfriend!:rofl:


Don’t say the v word - i said it once think i got away with it.


Yeah, I HATE the VDOG brand.



Sneezing unexpectedly on the mod, and having to re-wick. :sneezing_face::angry:


Nice ass. I hope your kids aren’t looking! :crazy_face:


When I drop by the shop to do a recording session, get there a little early and end up waiting on customers. Customers with 10,000 questions. 10,000 Stupid questions. If only it was Wallmart…

“Welcome to Wallmart, Get your shit and get out!!!”


Think my Dad did basic there, would have been around 59 or 60.


Good grief! I don’t get that. Nobody has tried to steal anything as of yet.

I get shit like:

Do you have any bigger samples?
Because the manufacturer does not provide bigger samples.
But there are bigger samples over there.
That’s a different manufacturer.
Because the sky is blue and the grass is green and if it rains you will get wet unless you have an umbrella.



OMG! That is hilarious!

No, but maybe if you flap your arms and cluck really loudly one will fly up here!!!


Lol, Ya, your dealing with multiple psychos. The customers and the guberment. What a mix!!!


I had one the other day. Went like this.

Do you have carpet with a bunch of colors?
I have some tweeds that have up to 12 different colors.
Are they neon like in a game room?
No, they are not neon.
Can you get neon?
Are you sure you can’t get neon. Other stores can.
I’m sure.
Do you want to check and see if you can get neon?
Sure I’ll check first of next week.
Do you want my number so you can call me if you find some?


95% of my customers are great. They come in with an idea for how they want their floors to look and the type of materials they would like to use. I’ll go through a series of questions regarding how the floor covering will be used and they conditions it will most likely endure. We will do a measure and prepare some quotations. We have great installation crews and the customers are most always thrilled at the end result. Putting together the logistics can be challenging especially with larger and commercial jobs but not a task that is irritating. I love it when customers come in to pay their final COD with an ear to ear grin.


I grew up with Wal Mart being managed actually by Sam Walton himself. When I went to training in the 80’s at Fort Lee and asked where their walmart was, they said they had never heard of it…and they were serious. Sam made Walmart back then such a brand in Arkansas, I was awed it was only here.

Last week I walked in and up front there were 3 “managers” standing their with their thumbs up their butt. I walked up to two of them and asked where the mini carts were. They told me what you see is what you get. It was 11AM and the store was dead.

Now I’m lucky to find what I want even in stock. they ran the mom and pops and m ain street out of business, now they don’t even care about doing their own thing right.


Staring out the window waiting on the mailman to deliver a mod !


Never mind the obvious, where it cost real people real jobs right?! :wink:

I hear you though. It has always amazed me that a lot of people are too stupid to realize that most stores are intentionally laid out, so that the frozen section is the very last section you hit before you go to the registers for a reason! :crazy_face: :roll_eyes: :duh: /facepalm


I hate washing juice bottles. I should probably wash them as soon as they are empty…