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What do you really hate?


I’m really questioning myself if picking labels and glue offa 30ml HDPE bottles and then washing is saving me any money. I think I’m making like $2/hour. Glass is alot better …but still.


You discovered the life form that grows in bottles, i didnt and pretend i never saw it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wonder the same thing.

We are thinking about having a maid come around two to three times a week. Washing bottles once or twice a month sounds like a good chore.

Brilliant!!! I am feeling really proud of my self right now. I should pat my self on the shoulder…:sunglasses:


That 100 ml bottle of 10forty i mixed sitting on my desk.
Found the aroma in my stash from an ancient order,
Looking for an alternative use…
and what i found googeling for it


from here


Is it just me or does anybody else find that to be cruel?


You’re definitely not alone.


deleted that vid here
it is from MOM and POP official site , ,

want to see it follow the link.


@lambu you didn’t have to take it down just because I didn’t like it. But I will say thank you. It takes a mature person to do that. Some one that knows who they are and aren’t easily offended. Glad to have you here at ELR



I have 3 vehicles. One is down needing a fuel pump. Last spring it got almost $2k in preventative maintenance and repairs. The second is finally back on the road after $3k in repairs and being unusable for nearly 6 months. The ‘reliable’ newest one ran over a nail and has a flat. I hate vehicles.


I HATE the dents that form on the bottom of certain batteries that have been around for a min. I also, HATE the mods that put them there in the first place


I have a Benz I’d be willing to sell ya!!


Honestly? The Trivago Guy. What the heck is it with that guy?


That guy creeps me out… I say Vampire …but they’re not real …right?


With Somewhere between 15,000 and 18,000 new species being identified each year, you never know… they say every myth is based on something


Hotel, Trivago. Rental car, Trivago. Roast beef on rye, Trivago! I said flippin’ Trivago, dammit!!!


@Dan_the_Man +1



I say Vampire …but they’re not real …right?

There may be some in parts of Southeastern Europe or deep in the Amazon rainforest and Louisiana bayous.

There are probably plenty to be found in Washington DC tobacco lobbying firms.:thinking:


Yes, exactly what I thought first time I saw the commercials. I thought I was the only one. :joy:


Why is that? All that I read until now is that battery should be paired with same battery model (output) and balance charged in controlled charger even better. Why is a problem to use in different devices?